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    Wanted - XS1/XS1B Air Cleaner Boxes Needed

    Pictures would be nice. Thanks. Bill
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    Wanted - 70/71 Tach Needed

    Need a good 70/71 tach. Thanks. Bill
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    Wanted - Early Headlight

    I do have a rim. Do you have two of them? I bought one for $15 shipped from another member here. How about two for $30?
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    Wanted - Early Center Stand and Bolts

    Just need one now.
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    Wanted - Early Headlight

    I need a 1971 headlamp. Anyone have a working one? Thanks. Bill
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    oil sump filters

    Are they now shipping to US?
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    oil sump filters

    Where did you get that one?
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    oil sump filters

    I have patched a number of stock filters with epoxy. Anyone seen one like this from a early XS1?
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    Wanted - 1970/71/72/73 Center Stand

    One more needed.
  10. BowlingSS Down

    Ordering is the problem.
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    Tunning My XS650 SH with 750 BBK

    130 Air Jets make it run crappy down low. I am putting the 135's back in.
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    Can you place an order? I can add to my cart but when I try to checkout it will not let me (PayPal or CC)
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    I am getting a server error on two different items. I will try on one of my other systems. I have tried everything I got. Still getting error. Are you going to: Did you place an order? Thanks. Bill
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    Anyone noticed that has been down for a few days now?
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    Wanted - 1970/71 XS1/XS1B Fork Spacer

    No. I have a set of new fork tubes And need those spacers. I will drill and pin them and/or weld them in.