Cafe Murdock

  • I'm a caf'e junkie and have thusly learned the error of my ways .
  • I use to only think Harley Davidson was the only way to be a man and ride at the same time .
  • Then after being young n after a couple hard crashes on crotch rockets I listened to the old man n got a Harley.
  • I started building the most bad ass motores I could on sporster 883 frames.
  • Then after years of no bike no quad no horses no nothing but my work truck n marriage n being daddy I finally said to hell with wat every one thinks .
  • I built a 200 blaster as big as u can build a 2 stroke blaster sumwhere between banshee-and chain saw rocket ship and all of a sudden I was a believer in Yamaha and my mind was forever changed.
  • I'd .Always had a deep luv and fasination with the cafe' n how the only people that had one built it or had it built because no one mass produces these bikes andaid been a hot rod fanatic n gear head my hole life n I never had a true cafe' n I wanted one
  • After I got the most bad ass blaster built 15 after I got everything tuned n and ready to ride. It sent me to the hospital and like that I remembered the thrill I'd been missing for so long n traded the quad for a xs 650 and started my first cafe' project.
May 2, 1990 (Age: 33)
Rio grande ohio
Harley Davidson and xs 650
Grease monkey




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