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    Xs650 battery

    I like Shorai too. They make a very tiny and light-weight battery, the LFX09L2-BS12 which will do the job, even if you electric start. They used to spec it for the XS650, but I think they had a lot of warranty claims on it, so they now spec a larger battery. I'm pretty sure the failed...
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    Motorcycle Gas? Who knew?

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    Motorcycle Gas? Who knew?

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    For Sale - 2 nice Custom Paint gas tanks

    Second tank. This tank is very similar in height, width, length, and capacity to typical aftermarket peanut tanks. So, it would probably be good on a hardtail or other custom build. It is sort of a cross between a toaster and a teardrop shape. It would also be great for a smaller bike. There...
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    For Sale - 2 nice Custom Paint gas tanks

    First tank. It looks like this tank will fit up to a stock XS6550 pretty well, if that’s your intention. The front tank mounting “cups” on either the tank or the stock frame will have to be shaved down a bit. They are hanging the front of the tank up, which is why the front looks so raised up in...
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    For Sale - 2 nice Custom Paint gas tanks

    Asking for $260 each, including U.S. shipping. These are Brand-New, never used tanks. Both were bought on eBay and painted within the last 4 weeks. Both are steel, 2.4 gallon, made in Asia. In the next two posts I'll go into the details of each tank. In this post, I'll cover the similarities...
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    For Sale - 36 spoke DRUM REAR hub, needs work, $24 shipped

    I have a 36 spoke drum rear hub that needs a little LOVE, for $24 shipped to the lower 48, which is basically free after shipping costs. I might have to charge a couple bucks more for shipping if you are in a remote area of the far northeast or northwest. If you are close to Texas, I might be...
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    For Sale - Boat Load of PARTS -- Motivated Seller!

    Yes, I have both. I'll send you a PM in a few moments.
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    Aftermarket Petcocks

    If you want to badly enough, replacing a brass tube is pretty straightforward. You drill out what's left, and peen in a new tube. Tube material can be found at hobby stores that cater to model railroad enthusuasts, and I think Hobby Lobby has them too. The hard part is drilling just enough...
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    Planting a small orchard.

    Six years later, and I finally have a crop from my Mandarin oranges. This tree produced over fifteen. It could have easily bore 4 or 5 times that amount -- 80% of the tree had no fruit. It's incredible how long these take to ripen. The tree bloomed in March, and now, at the end of November...
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    XS1/XS1B Top Triple Clamp

    They are wrong. Very common with on-line vendors and early parts.
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    1972 XS2 on eBay

    Link doesn't work for me either, and I tried everything, and I'm pretty savvy regarding finding things on eBay. Maybe someone can go to the listing and copy the item # and paste it here.
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    my semi-homemade key duplicating machine A little more info: A have duplicated literally dozens and dozens of 70's Yamaha motorcycle keys over the years using the above key nibblers. You can find them on AliExpress, which is where I got mine, for about...
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    my semi-homemade key duplicating machine

    I've been scouring eBay for key cutting machines for years, but they are a pretty popular item, and were always too expensive. Like starting at about $200 for a decent used one. Then, back in August, this antique machine came up. I was the only person who bid on it. Got it delivered to my...
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    If it doesn't work, it's all Jim's fault!

    Yeah, my impression is that the acid "roughens" (and cleans) the surface on a molecular scale (not sure about the terminology, I'm not a chemist), something that mechanical cleaning can't achieve.