First bike I owned was a Honda 50. Bought it in 1968 when I was 14 yrs. old. Cost me twenty bucks and came in 4 cardboard boxes. Rode it for two years after I got it back together. I learned a lot from that bike. Over the years I've owned more bikes than I can remember. I actually owned 19 at one time back in the late seventies. Current bikes are the third and fourth XS650's
Lifetime aircraft mechanic. Have also worked at a Kawasaki and Triumph dealerships.
Sep 28, 1954 (Age: 69)
Kansas City Mo.
Currently 1970 XS1 and 1980 XS650SG
Previously... literally dozens of Japanese and British bikes.


How the hell can a person
Go to work in the mornin'
And come home in the evenin'
An' have nothin' to say

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