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    Just Ride.

    Note: I've got the "bugs" worked out now (had some wobbling fixed with more air in tire). That 2.15 rim on the rear is technically too narrow to run the 130/80 - 140/90 dirt track tires, but it's all that is available short of spending ~$800ea -$1200ea for matching proper rims
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    Cb750k0 - any interest?

    Fantastic job! Upholstery is one thing I outsource. I got lucky and found really good repro seat covers from Thailand. The good repro's in the rest of the world won't infringe the Honda trademark - the Thais apparently don't care.
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    Just Ride.

    Thank You! It's a stock '80 front 1.85 x19" and the rear is off the front of a '80 XS1100 2.15 x 19" with an Omar's conversion kit.
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    Fuel petcock positon for OFF??
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    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Legendary.......I had no idea the product was still around, or that the founder recently passed.
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    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    Someone may chime in on the wheels. I was think'in Preston Petty on the fenders (now there's a memory jogger). Cool stuff!
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    1979 XS650 electronic ignition upgrade

    Yep. Primary suspects are key switch, fuse box and bad grounds.
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    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    That's some rare parts I think I spy there. Is that an aluminum tank ? Are there stampings on the fenders? (the beaded edge looks familiar). Can't place the wheels (?).
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    277 pamco

    So long as the spark plugs are well grounded, it should not cause an issue. Perhaps some good pics of rotor, pick-up plate and advance would help us help you. Also, pics of power supply. Note: to avoid confusion shall we refer to cyl.'s as L & R? How are you determining TDC and correct...
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    Electric vs Kick start

    The start-up (esp. cold) advantage of the PMA may also result from no Field coil drawing ~28 -30 Watts when the key is turned on.
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    Fuel petcock positon for OFF??

    It's difficult to see the petcock inlet inside the tank, but anything over perhaps 4" of fuel inside tank and it should flow in "ON" position -below that "RES" until almost empty.
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    Fuel petcock positon for OFF??

    Unless there is an issue with the carbs or petcocks, you should not have to use "PRI" at all. Only after carbs have been drained or stored.
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    It's time to start a winter Project.

    In my world, "hammer mechanic" is not derogatory. lol Why does the presence of a "big maul" in the SOIR not surprise me:laughing: Just say'in....
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    It's time to start a winter Project.

    No really. The shock imparted by a steel hammer will overcome the "stiction" - "cold-welding" as Gary calls it. Actually easier blow than with soft mallet. Them wrenches are meant to be wacked. If that doesn't do it right away, smack the drain-plug straight on with the steel hammer - as if it...
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    It's time to start a winter Project.

    Harder hammer:whistle: