- Career military electronics engineer
- Software programmer
- ET Presence Investigator
- SETV Search Model founder
- I enjoy restoring, radios, engines, transcievers, computers, cars.
- And I make stuff...homebrew 3D delta printer, robots, meters, ham radios, etc

- Extra Class Ham Radio Operator.

My mother bought and gifted my XS650E in 1980. (Mom rode Harley's and Indians, and flew a Stearman airplane she owned, before she had her car license). Before employment forced me to stop riding, I rode my XS650E everyday, eveynight, rain, snow, windy....I miss those days. Its been sitting in storage for 35 yrs. Some phukn prick stole both airboxes off the bike, and the Mikuni slides are stuck. My XS650E needs restoration and I've started.

I am very happy to have found this great website/forum. Lots of good people here who share their hard earned nformation on these magnificant machines.

LA Rider
Mar 31, 1960 (Age: 64)
LA, Ca, USa
Green XS650E


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