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    VIN/Model Confusion - Need help please!

    The attached will help. You have a US market XJ650G that is either New Yamaha Black or Frost Silver
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    What's Out of Stock at Your Store Today

    Our store recently ran out of cooking oil. They had made an announcement that due to potential shortages they were limiting customers to three bottles. What I don't understand is a) why make the announcement as whenever this is done the moronic sheep will immediately clear the shelves...
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    Anyone familiar with these wrenches?

    Pure guess work but as Jim suggests going over pipework to tighten or loosen the gland nut. The alternative would be to use an adjustable which runs the possibility of a rounded hex?
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    Engine Mounts

    The problem with anything like this is that you won't know what the problems are until you do it. Signal has identified an issue unless you rubber mount all mounting points. Do this and you may then find that the vibrations are un-damped and could make the situation worse? The choice of...
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    Hagon 2810 shocks

    In my old line of business (Motor manufacturer aftersales) when a parts department said 'It still hasn't come in yet' that would often translate into 'We still haven't ordered it' or 'We ordered the wrong part' or 'We ordered the right part which came in but was fitted to another vehicle who's...
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    Hagon 2810 shocks

    I must admit I find it strange that you wouldn't want to try and get to the bottom as to why the wrong spring rates were supplied. If it were me I wouldn't get mad. I'd try to get some answers. Loosing your cool won't solve it.
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    Hagon 2810 shocks

    Did you give the data directly to Hagon or was this through your supplier? I would be inclined to contact Hagon and ask them to explain the logic of a 20 kg/cm spring when it only gives 12mm of sag.
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    Signal lights flash quick at higher RPM

    As the indicator bulbs have a feed and earth wires you can discount the mounting points. I would check the earths and also the generator output to ensure that the voltage is stable and doesn't increase as the revs rise.
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    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Want to carry more than a pillion? You need a Bohmerland...
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    Elbow joints are unnecessary, apparently.

    I've had hip and knee replacement so I understand that going for the operation can be a big and difficult decision. Before writing a new elbow off I hope you will take the time to do some research into the limitations of the replacement. From the little I have read the limitation on what you...
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    Electric Vehicles, Hybrids...Battery tech... Land Air and Sea. Let's See 'em.

    If it has back seats then it would save having to climb over the front ones...:unsure:
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    Lost valve nut

    Many, many years ago I lost a circlip in the engine of my BSA Bantam. What could go wrong I thought. I soon found out when it came up the transfer port and said 'hello' to the piston. My advice is that you need to find it before running the engine even if it means you need to dismantle it. As...
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    Centre stand brace

    IMO it would be neater to weld a nut on rather than build up with weld...not that anyone will be looking that close.
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    And this years award for the world's ugliest bike goes to....