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    Catch can ???

    I have made one, not for an XS but a V Max. Rather than a catch tank it was intended as an air/ oil seperator with the fumes being fed back into the inlet system and oil back into the crankcase via the filler plug. I used an interference fit for the end caps. Crankcase fumes enter at the central...
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    Custom airbox/tube for 750 triple

    According to Phil Irving (he of Vincent fame) for maximum power a general rule of thumb is a length of 90" divided by the revs in thousands. The result is the total length of the inlet i.e. from the opening to the head of the valve and the revs used is where you want the peak effect to occur...
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    Can't refit front caliper after wheel removal

    The disks normally sit directly onto a flange on the hub so it is unlikely that fitting the wheel bearing would have anything to do with the problem. Does the wheel turn freely without the calliper attached and do the disks run true? Forcing won't help. Did you try to push the pads back as...
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    Modern paint

    Yamdeeds, have you spoken to any companies that mix paint? If they have the 'recipe' they will be able to make some up for you. Look for those who specify m/c paint matching.
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    Modern paint

    When you say you don't have the original colour do you mean you don't know what it was or what it was called or an original sample? With the VIN # you can normally narrow it down to either what the original was or a choice of two. That should be enough to get paint mixed. Have a look at the...
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    Modern paint

    It would help the mixer if you gave the Yamaha paint code for Maxi Maroon (00U8)? There are companies that will mix paint e.g. and there are bound to be others which an internet search should throw up.
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    Suspect bent swing arm

    Providing the radial centre line of the rear wheel is parallel to the centre line of the bike then being slightly offset is not a problem. It is not uncommon for bikes with shaft drive to have the rear wheel offset and doesn't affect the tracking of the bike when riding. If the two centre lines...
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    Chinese humour.

    Talking of Chinese humour, I recall reading many years ago that it was during during the cultural revolution that an ancient tomb was discovered. Chinese archaeologists were dispatched to investigate the contents which wasn't easy as the entrance was narrow and there was only room for one person...
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    Yamaha Bolt P/Ns, how do I decipher?

    This is what you asked for.... Plus explanation of the part number system.
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    Hdmi vs fibre optic cord

    I assume that you would need both as TOSSLINK only carries audio whereas HDMI does sound and vision. Only a listening test will help you decide if HDMI or HDMI + TOSSLINK is better. Have a look here.
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    No nuetral while engine is running

    It might be worthwhile checking the selector adjustment. Also make sure the idle speed isn't set too high.
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    Original Steering Bearings or Tapered Roller Bearings?

    I would have thought that the knotch was due to the age and adjustment of the bearings and not that they were roller?
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    Huge voltage drop! Need diagnosis help

    A couple of points, the battery is there to provide power when the output of the generator can't satisfy the demand and to start the bike if it has an electric leg. For the majority of time the battery can be considered dead weight as it isn't required. The r/r would normally put out a no load...
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    Brake fluid.

    Whilst Dot 5 doesn't attract water any that does accumulate due to condensation will pool at the lowest point. If that happens to be at the calliper then the first you are likely to know about this is as it vaporises after giving the brakes some welly and/ or the corrosion starts to gum things...
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    Brake fluid.

    Rather than the potential hassle of filling with Dot 5 perhaps the answer is to be careful when filling and bleeding the brakes? Areas that may be susceptible to spillage can be protected with clingfilm and provided any spills are wiped off immediately no damage will be done. I would have used a...