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    First Attempt at a Build

    Gotta say this, follow TC Bros measurements and directions and you'll have a straight frame.
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    hard clutch pull

    I have small hands too. Large dia. grips will make a clutch pull harder too.
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    First Attempt at a Build

    alphabet is right, not enough hardtail builds here. Hope you keep a build thread going, I'll be interested.
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    Welded Frame, Bike wont start.

    Take a look at where your carbs are attached to the rubber intakes. That backfiring could have pushed one or both of the carbs towards the rear of the bike, causing an air leak at that carb to intake connection.
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    Welded Frame, Bike wont start.

    He must be rewiring the fuse box?
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    Welded Frame, Bike wont start.

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    Welded Frame, Bike wont start.

    I think you should celebrate by buying yourself a new and better meter and treat it like it was your best friend.
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    Surprise, Panic and Reflex from an Electric Starter

    Yeah, you're too quick Jim, I replaced the solenoid. I have never heard of a solenoid sticking in the closed position. I don't feel so "special" anymore. :( Scott
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    Surprise, Panic and Reflex from an Electric Starter

    This happened to my '90 Ford Ranger, but, I believe it could happen with any electric starter system. I was at my second home, McDonald's, when I went to start my truck. Something didn't sound right, so I turned off the ignition. Surprise, the starter is still cranking the engine. I pulled the...
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    Back in the XS650 game: 1981 Cafe/Tracker

    Never had that problem. Could you put the front tire against a wall or just lay the bike down with some padded supports? I've smacked a few stubborn SOB's lately with success. I've also broken a few bolts lately. I like to smack and then tap,tap,tap. Beat your own drum.
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    '76 Standard to Street Tracker project revived

    Love the colors, paint and polish, well done. We're neighbors, I'm about 40 miles north of Defiance.
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    Patience went down!

    That bike was parked, makes a difference in Michigan. With the bike parked it really is no longer a vehicle, it's considered property and treated as "Property Damage". I don't believe they can consider it "totaled" in a Property Damage case.
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    Urban Bobcat in my backyard

    We have all kinds of critters here. I have always lived in the same county here and I have always spent lots of time outdoors. Just a few years ago I saw my first American Bald Eagle. Lately I've been seeing about one, or the same one, every week. Our Redtail Hawks are big but not as big as these.
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    HOPEFULLY not another P.O.S

    Yep, I read the wiki history of Prizm. It's another Corolla, didn't know that. Great cars.
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    XS500 Strange electrical behavior

    Some of your earlier posts made me think of this.........keep in mind, while you are checking for continuity, that when a light bulb is in a circuit that circuit will show continuity between positive and negative. For a true continuity test in some situations remove light bulbs, and in some...