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    New XS650 club in Colorado Springs

    Hello all, we’re a new club of wrench rats in Colorado Springs that are looking for other local folks who like bangin’ on xs’s or folks who may be considering buying an xs! Check us out on Instagram for more info!
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    Looking for local folks!

    Looking for folks local to Colorado Springs who own an xs650, running or not, who enjoy the bike and want to share their passion with likeminded wrench rats!
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    denver co wo is here

    The Colorado Springs XS club is near Denver! Swing on down and ride with us sometime!
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 447 Camshaft

    can I get a closer picture of the locating pin hole for the advance assembly? as well as some pictures of the bushings on the inside of each end? Thank you for the messages in the other threads!
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    For Sale - 78 447 cam

    Is this still available?
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    For Sale - xs650 cam

    is the cam still available? do you have pictures of it?
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    For Sale - 447 cam

    is this cam still available? do you still have pictures of it?
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    For Sale - Cam...

    is the cam still available? do you have any pictures?
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    Static ignition timing inquiry

    I don't think so, I tried pulling it out with needle nose pliers when taking the pictures so I could inspect it and it would not budge. I really gave it the business as best I could without damaging it. As far as replacing the cam goes, it's a set back for sure but I only just got the wiring...
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    Static ignition timing inquiry

    I took a look at the advance plate and decided to remove it so I could get the best possible look at what I'm working with. for these pictures the engine is at TDC as found by the timing marks on the stator. It looks like I timed the cam perfectly, it's dead on where it should be. Slight problem...
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    Replacement front disc rotor thoughts - Offsets, dimensions, compatibility

    I have the older 34mm forks, with the corresponding caliper. From your numbers, couldn't I just get a fancy drilled rotor from mikes that fits the 35mm forks and have a shop machine a 5mm spacer to correctly space the rotor from the wheel? Every other spec seems to be the same as far as I can...
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    Static ignition timing inquiry

    Hello, I just rebuilt my engine and replaced a fair number of parts, and I am now having an odd problem statically timing the spark. Known variables: I do not know when the last time the engine ran before I rebuilt it. I had Hugh's Handbuilt rebuild the crank, it is not rephased. I...
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    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    Excellent information, thank you. The bike did not come with any electrical components except the stator when I bought it, so everything I'm putting together is new stuff. I can tell you that the brush screws that were installed on the stator when I got it were metal. I will gladly take pictures...
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    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    In this other diagram, if we're only looking at the reg/rec, the key, the battery, and the alternator it is almost identical to what I have on my diagram. The only differences I can see are that I forgot to include a ground strap from the negative on the battery to the frame of the bike, and the...
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    Custom wiring diagram review needed

    What should I change so it is correct? I got the wiring for the stator, reg/rec, battery, and some of the ignition from this diagram: Which talks about ungrounding the brushes. Do I need to wire the brushes differently when connecting them to the reg/rec if I want to not have to unground...