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    XS650 Craigslist postings depository Found one in Fayetteville NC if anyone is looking.
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    Anyone near Raleigh NC do carb work?

    I set the floats to 27mm today, I got it to where only the one carb is leaking and a bit less than it was, still can NOT get this thing to fire off. I'm going nuts. I have spark, theoretically I have fuel (even tried starting fluid) and nothing. I can't get anything....
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Thanks PWASA, I keep meaning to get it done but life keeps getting in the way. The one day will be soon though if I have anything to say about it. Even if I have to just spend the 500$ for the new carbs from tcbros.
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    Yep I did that too. Figured I'd cover my bases
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    Hey there sir. Wanted to reach out to you about doin some carb work. I'm on the last step of getting this bobber on the road, and I've got two sets of bs38s and two sets of bs34s. Originally it's a 78 special with bs38s that I had built and synced about 6 years ago, but since then they don't...
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    Anyone near Raleigh NC do carb work?

    That's what I've been doin. For some reason I just can't seem to get the floats right. It's driving me crazy 😤
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    Anyone near Raleigh NC do carb work?

    I'm pretty sure I sent him this same set of carbs like 10 yrs ago when I started this process haha
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    Anyone near Raleigh NC do carb work?

    Been going full throttle on trying to finish up my build, and 6yrs back I had someone go over my carbs and get them all cleaned and tuned up and got them on and they ran right away. But since then I let the bike sit, and now I am finally trying to get it back going and finally ride it. Wondering...
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Today I finished up my wiring, and put the fuel tank on to find out that my carbs are leaking fuel all over, and I became frustrated and overwhelmed. Hoping that one day this 13 yr project will be done and on the road.
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    For Sale - Triangular Yamaha Badges

    I love that side cover. Gotta get me one of those!!!
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    For Sale - or trade. 1" keystone biltwell bars

    13588772_10209447791088881_1323083938_o by SpoogeMCMM posted Jul 7, 2016 at 1:13 AM I accidentally bought these 1" bars thinking they were 7/8 bars.... looking to trade for something similar or some other cool 7/8 bars. I dont feel like swapping out all of my controls to 1". So show me whatcha...
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    For Sale - 81 XS650 BOBBER PROJECT BIKE

    Willing to sell parts? would be interested in the springer and chain tensioner
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    For Sale - Little Parts

    whats your paypal email?