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    XS650 Craigslist postings depository
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    XS650 Craigslist postings depository

    2014 Triumph,
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    Whats your weather right now?

    I understand your point of view. But... there is always a but. City ordinances require you clear your portion of the sidewalk in front of your home. If after a few warnings you fail, they will send a crew to do it and charge you. This is rare but does happen. The postman may decide not to walk...
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    New to me XS 650...

    RE the risers. Page 9 has more details and pics.
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    New member, new bike

    That was my search, the brake side came up $17 or so. ($17.59:)) 12.7mm bore.
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    New to me XS 650...

    Those are Virago risers I think. I cannot remember which regular here reccomended them. (If I credit the wrong person I could hurt feelings but so many have given really good advice and shared hard earned knowledge and experience) I think further up in the thread they were mentioned. Anyway...
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    I've embarked on another anti-shackwhacky project - wanna see?

    Mine is really rusty.
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    New to me XS 650...

    Did a fit check on the CB550 SS bars. They are ~28 inches wide and have 2-3 more inches of pull back. The static feel seems good. Just a little forward lean while seated. The front fender got the 2nd half cleaned (vinegar bath) and undercoated.
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    Whats your weather right now?

    Wish it was that simple. We will expect 1 - 2 feet of snow that stays for a month or more. We have had 3 feet (1 meter) or more on the ground from early December till March. I get you skepticism but the three or four inches you don't clear hoping for a melt becomes the base of 2 or 3 feet that...
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    New member, new bike Found these today, if matching clutch and brake levers mater. 12.7mm piston.
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    New to me XS 650...

    The front fender came out of the vinegar today after a week with occasional wire brush scrubbing. It went into the slop sink for rinse. Lots of debris escaped the doubled up area near the mounts. It got an air hose dry then a heatgun to get real dry.. I paid extra attention to the rolled edges...
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    Wanted - 1978 Standard XS 650.

    Interesting concept... A bike on both side of the pond.
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    Just Ride.

    Further down is an intersection with a left turn lane at the traffic light.
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    New to me XS 650...

    As posted before a friend milled the original riser bases flat to accept the Virago risers. FYI, the original XS650 bases varied 0.025 after they were milled flush, of course they were cut to match after measuring. Today I did some house keeping, one item, lock tite the riser nuts. The old bike...
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    A wasted afternoon.

    Perhaps whatever fits in there is too thick. :)