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    • yellowdog
      These days 6 is about my limit ,I like pancakes so don't know why we don't eat them all year round .
    • yellowdog
      yellowdog posted the thread Sparks! in The Garage.
      Hi ,hope your all having a good Monday I've just put the battery back in after having it off to charge over winter it's fully charged...
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    • yellowdog
      yellowdog replied to the thread HELMET STORAGE WARS.
      I've still got the Agv Ago helmet I bought 2nd hand in 1975,alas it is now only the shell that's left the padding disintegrated many...
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    • yellowdog
      Fuel here in the UK is £1.42 a litre at the moment or 6.39 a gallon or $8.09 us dollars a gallon .And that's now its gone down a little !
    • yellowdog
      yellowdog posted the thread Xs2 handlebars. in The Garage.
      Could any of you xs2 owners please tell me which of these handlebars are correct for a 72.I prefer the taller bars but not sure now if...
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    • yellowdog
      Before I managed to free the "stuck" pistons in my front caliper I was considering buying a replacement, the only ones I could find on...
    • yellowdog
      yellowdog replied to the thread New owner of XS650 (UK).
      Hi ,I'm on my second xs2 restoration at the moment ,just managed to get the brake pistons out last weekend they were really stuck ,bit...
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