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  1. Jim

    Need help with a lever starter.

  2. Jim

    Need help with a lever starter.

    If it was a Made in China set, all bets are off. Never used the Chinese ones myself, but I've read nowt but bad about 'em though. New points will come shipped with a light wiping of oil on the contacts. Don't clean that off with solvent first, they'll burn within the first 100 miles. Back...
  3. Jim

    Just Ride.

    Had a '76 Trans Am back in the '90's. 400cid with a big ol' Rochester 4bl and 256 gears in back. In the 3 yrs I owned it, it got 16mpg. Sedate drive around town or let it have it's head out on a long desert stretch.... didn't matter....16mpg. From the front gate of Nellis AFB in Vegas to my...
  4. Jim

    78 xs750 special oil leak

    #39... o-ring. follow the link.
  5. Jim

    JesseeS Build Thread

  6. Jim

    447 engine into XS2 chassis ?

    I'm thinking you're right.
  7. Jim

    447 engine into XS2 chassis ?

  8. Jim

    447 engine into XS2 chassis ?

    Dunno... here's a pic of the XS2 out of Tech. Mid year change... maybe?
  9. Jim

    447 engine into XS2 chassis ?

    Minor, but the clocking on the oil filter is slightly different... XS2 (256) XS650 (447)
  10. Jim

    WTF pictures

    It really is amazing... politics has so infected us that we can slip snide little jabs into just about any conversation. Yes, I voted for Biden. Never really considered that it would exclude me from the gene pool though... :cautious: Perhaps your "broad brush" needs a little calibration? :er:
  11. Jim

    Rotor /flywheel wear?

    Yeah, tried hydrochloric (muriatic) and phosphoric acids. Does wonders for rust, doesn't touch the resin though.
  12. Jim

    Broken site ??

    Been having issues for a least a month now... exactly as Skull describes about. "Same through the laptop and the phone. takes an age to load up. Sometimes i write a post and it wont go through when i hit the post button. Try again and it goes through the motions with the orange bar going...
  13. Jim

    Rotor /flywheel wear?

    Fwiw, you can't hurt the windings with any solvent I'm aware of. Since I rewind the rotors I'm always looking for ways to make the job easier. I've tried acetone, lacquer thinner, toluene, MEK... paint stripper. nothing touches it. Don't know where Hitachi got that resin, but it's not of this...
  14. Jim

    Did you regret ditching your points ignition for something "more reliable?"

    Jus' so we're on the same page... When the points close, current flows into the coil, charging it. Opening the points discharges the secondary across the plug. The amount of time the coil charges is called dwell... measured in degrees of crank rotation. About 90° on our engines iirc. Having...
  15. Jim

    Did you regret ditching your points ignition for something "more reliable?"

    For the miles you're talking about, you'll be setting the points about once a year... during spring wakeup ideally. That wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Point's have several advantages. The main one being it's two completely independent (electrically) ignitions systems. If one fails while...
  16. Jim

    xs650b down under build thread

    Not 100% certain, but it's in the back of my mind that going up a size (more flow) is OK, just don't go a size smaller. But that's from way back in the grey matter, so....
  17. Jim

    Jim's 1980 SG Miss September

  18. Jim

    1981 Yamaha XS650S - Project Bike #5

    Damn, didn't notice the pic when I first read.... yeah, what Gary says. Just pull 'em off and try it with a clean intake. For troubleshooting that is, you'll still need to source replacements.
  19. Jim

    1981 Yamaha XS650S - Project Bike #5

    A tired ignition coil will protest loudly at full throttle. If you count cars and bikes both.. I couldn't count the times I've fixed the problem you're having with a fresh coil. Tired plugs can do the same.