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  1. RFeng

    Get Me Home fixes

    I did the same as James last Fall when my clutch cable broke. Start in neutral, pushed as fast as I could, hopped on and stomped it into first. managed to shift up and down w/out clutch on the way home and timed my approaches to the stop lights. Now that I'm thinking about it - Me and a...
  2. RFeng

    For Sale - Stock 1979 XS650 SE with 8340 miles

    Still available!
  3. RFeng

    For Sale - Stock 1979 XS650 SE with 8340 miles

    This bike is still for sale. Have not even had any inquiries... The only thing I can figure out is that I live in the hinterlands. Bike is in great shape with low miles, runs great, price is reasonable...anyone?
  4. RFeng

    1975 starting issues. with PO modified harness.

    My 75 has just one fuse. There is no magic in electrical..just paths from this place to the next place. Follow the paths. Good luck!
  5. RFeng

    XS650 Craigslist postings depository This is mine. I'd love for it to be yours. Far northern Minnesota.
  6. RFeng

    Girards Build!

    Small battery is nice and makes for an easy kick start. I like the Visual Impact kit - Forward controls really worked well for me. Very comfy. I left the tabs for mid (stock) controls - that's not working, they will come off this winter. Knees in the chest. Have a nice time building it how...
  7. RFeng

    Coil replacement

    I've replaced with new original style coils on my 77 and 79. Stayed with the points on all three bikes. Clean and adjust every now and then, check timing etc. is just part of my experience having fun with old bikes :) Pamco looks great, but I understand points and coils. bruce
  8. RFeng

    State Inspections: Should I Be Concerned?

    Definately build it the way you want. It is nice to be able to ride it when you are done, though. I did most of the legally required on my '77 - cause I hate tickets. About all it entailed that I wasn't sure I wanted anyway was a horn and a high/low beam. I added that cause it would be easily...
  9. RFeng

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Likely one of the last nice days of the season - Temps around 80 today and tomorrow is forecast to be 30 degrees cooler with wind and rain. With Fall colors at their peak I fired up the '77 chop and headed down the road. Stopped at a couple scenic areas and logged about 100 miles. On the way...
  10. RFeng

    For Sale - Stock 1979 XS650 SE with 8340 miles

    Spend a few dollars and get here. It IS as good as it looks.
  11. RFeng

    For Sale - Stock 1979 XS650 SE with 8340 miles

    Thanks kevski - I'm glad someone appreciates my sacrifice! :) It breaks my heart to sell ...
  12. RFeng

    For Sale - Stock 1979 XS650 SE with 8340 miles

    I never got motivated to Craigslist it this summer...but now I'm hurting for storage space for the winter. $1,300 !!!!! Everything on this bike works! The tank I have on it now is different from the pics and has manual petcocks. The one with matching paint has a small leak from a seam and...
  13. RFeng

    When the bike warms up, the engine revs really high

    Anyone here who has NOT done that? :banghead:
  14. RFeng

    First ever motorcycle and first restoration

    Enjoy! I've got a '75 - love the bike.
  15. RFeng

    Throttle cable - won't close completely at carb

    I had that problem with my '77 - I gained just enough length by hacking off the adjuster nut on the grip end of the cable. No issues for 2 thousand miles since...
  16. RFeng

    Before and After pics

    Here's mine. It will never be 'done', but this is how it looked last summer just after finding it in a barn where it was a donor bike for 20 years, and then as of a couple months ago.
  17. RFeng

    Custom build xs650 without hardtail your idea and pics plz

    Lowering the front by Hugh's Hand Built...
  18. RFeng

    Custom build xs650 without hardtail your idea and pics plz

    Thanks - it is a blast to ride, although the combination of the Burley Slammer shocks and angled suspension make it pretty stiff. The frame parts are from visual impact - the seat is quite a few years old - I've not seen another one like it. I bought from a member of this forum in the classifieds.
  19. RFeng

    Custom build xs650 without hardtail your idea and pics plz

    Here is my '77 with the Visual Impact 'brat' kit. bruce
  20. RFeng

    Is just me , I feel like I'm a kid out breaking laws on my xs

    I feel it driving around on the bobber that I built and determined it to be safe enough to ride. There is some freedom left and it is building and riding these scoots. I spent years playing with over-regulated flying machines. Annual inspections, bi-annual flight reviews, flight physicals...