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  1. osteoderm

    VIDEO -- of my Aprilia hydraulic clutch mod

    Just saw this thread after a long absence here... Great work! I'm a little annoyed that almost all the photos from my build thread have disappeared, but now that a few other people have started making and documenting these hydraulic clutch conversions, I think there's enough information out...
  2. osteoderm

    Good Heart, Bad Intentions: another build thread

    Since I finally have the Honda running reliably, I've been able to take a little time to get back to work on some misc. XS projects... First up is the rear wheel. Just to re-cap, here is the (thus far) current set-up: The hub is a stock XS650 front, with Omar's conversion adapter on the the...
  3. osteoderm

    Good Heart, Bad Intentions: another build thread

    That's a mad mad project to be sure... and I fully endorse it!
  4. osteoderm

    HHB-got any hydraulic clutch kits?

    Like the man says, it's a slam dunk. Easily the best mod with the greatest benefit for the least time, hassle, and money of anything I've done on my bike. Gratifying to see that other people are going this route!
  5. osteoderm

    What do you do with others personal private info?

    Pretty much the exact same thing happened to me about three years ago... I bought an external hard drive at a yard sale for $6. The seller said it hadn't worked in months, and claimed not to know what it had been used for. The housing was cracked, and the power supply was junk, but I though I...
  6. osteoderm

    Good Heart, Bad Intentions: another build thread

    The rear hub is a stock early XS front hub converted to rear use. This topic has been discussed and debated all over this forum; you should find tons of info with a couple of searches. Long story short: every conversion has some sort of compromise, and there are no especially cheap/easy/bolt-on...
  7. osteoderm

    New fork springs

    The stock springs were never exceptional even when new. I heartily recommend new straight-rate springs tuned to your weight. The handy Race Tech spring rate calculator page shows a 130lb rider on a 425lb semi-wet bike requiring 0.838 kg/mm springs, which is a reasonably firm setup! The preload...
  8. osteoderm

    Performance - More Power AND Higher Top End??

    This same general topic tends to show up a few times a year, and every time there's a whole bunch of "answers", but I'm still left wondering what the real question is... My '74 has a fairly mild tune: decent exhaust, good carbs, PAMCO, and I keep it tuned up and well-adjusted. Otherwise...
  9. osteoderm

    Front hub in rear?

    Tons more pics in the original build thread... Is this what you're after?
  10. osteoderm

    Earned some experience points last night

    Quadruple thumbs up to this post. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. osteoderm

    Front hub in rear?

    The hub, billet, bearings, fasteners, polyurethane, etc., set me back less than $100. That and a few enjoyable evenings in the shop. So, nothing (so far) too debilitating. On the other hand: the brake modifications shouldn't be expensive, but will put the bike off the road for as long as they...
  12. osteoderm

    Front hub in rear?

    Well, notwithstanding all the (excellent) points I made in this thread over a year ago, I went ahead and built this anyway: I haven't built the rest of the wheel to fit around this hub, but I'll keep y'all posted...
  13. osteoderm

    Good Heart, Bad Intentions: another build thread

    ...and to those who may be wondering: no, I have not stopped tinkering on the XS. In fact, just today I made several ineffectual jetting and intake manifold changes!
  14. osteoderm

    Good Heart, Bad Intentions: another build thread

    Yes, yes I did. The build thread is over on Do The Ton right here.
  15. osteoderm

    Feedback for feedback for Street Tracker

    Just received some parts from Street Tracker. Excellent communication, zero BS, parts as advertised, happy customer!
  16. osteoderm

    For Sale - Late Model Cylinders

    PM sent.....
  17. osteoderm

    Throttle Suggestions

    The stock cables use a retaining clip mount; you'll probably be looking at custom cables. Not sure if those Euro throttles come in 1", but I doubt it.
  18. osteoderm

    Throttle Suggestions

    The Biltwell Whiskey dual throttle is for push-pull applications. Your '75 needs a dual-pull throttle or a single-pull with a cable splitter. For stock carbs with stock (or stockish) cables, the OEM throttle is pretty good; someone on this forum is bound to have one they can sell you...
  19. osteoderm

    21" XL250 wheel, help with new hub

    Well if you're using the XS forks, the simplest thing to do would be to lace it to a stock XS front hub. With some reasonable exceptions, almost any rim can be laced to an hub that has the same number of spokes. I'm guessing that the smallish XL drum hub uses a very similar spoke angle to the...