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  1. AtoXS

    First kick start now no spark

    So I was just talking with someone at work and he mentioned something I didn't even think about. After I got the bike started the one time mentioned earlier I switched the plug wires out for some clear ones a friend had from Lowbrow Customs like this...
  2. AtoXS

    First kick start now no spark

    I posted this question on the facebook group, but didn't get a response so I figured I'd pose it here as well. This past winter I striped my bike down to swap out the motor, powder the frame and overall tighten up the build a bit. I just finished getting the bike back together and all the...
  3. AtoXS

    2016 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    Here's a few more of mine. The last 4 are only points of reference and wouldn't be used if I was selected since they have previously been published.
  4. AtoXS

    Poor decisions, another xs build

    So the XS got a little attention today..
  5. AtoXS

    2016 Calendar - Nominate HERE

    I accept the nomination that I made.
  6. AtoXS

    2016 Calendar - Nominate HERE

    I'll nominate myself. Here is the build thread here.
  7. AtoXS

    Which new carbs would you fit

    Here are a few, you might be seeing a few more of these soon in a more public forum.
  8. AtoXS

    welding questions

    I took a course at the local tech school a few years ago and bought a Hobart 190 mig. At some point I'm going to pickup a tig and maybe take a more advanced course, but for now it's worked well for me.
  9. AtoXS

    Which new carbs would you fit

    For my build I went with a single vm36. It's been a bit of a learning experience, but I'm slowly getting it dialed in and I really like the single carb look even if it isn't the best performing.
  10. AtoXS

    For Sale - Builder parts (fenders tank handlebars)

    It's actually to go on a 79 Goldwing that I'm cutting up and stripping down.
  11. AtoXS

    For Sale - Builder parts (fenders tank handlebars)

    I might be interested in the blue set, really not sure what a fair offer is, they are a bit of a gamble for me whether they will work or not.
  12. AtoXS

    Headlight Integrated Turn Signal

    Most websites don't go into great detail as to what is allowed and what is not, just generalities like required or not required before this date. NY for example doesn't require them at all before 1985, but CA they do, but there could be exceptions to that specific requirements depending on...
  13. AtoXS

    Headlight mount

    This is a pretty old thread you are bumping so I'm guessing no. For the bracket you can get a powdercoated black one for about $10 made by TC Bros and a chopper style headlight from tons of different places for $30-60 dollars depending on the style, color and finish.
  14. AtoXS

    Safety/Lighting Relay Wiring Help

    Are you running a cap or a battery? I'm assuming a cap since you said the headlight doesn't come on until you start it. I can't remember for sure, but I don't think mine really gets any brighter when I flip the switch unless I apply throttle to run more juice to the light.
  15. AtoXS

    Holding Wiring Under Rear Fender

    I've never watched any Canadian tv so I guess I missed the reference and I don't even run my wiring under my fender, but I've seen plenty of guys that do and after several years a 2-3" strip along the radius of the fender still hasn't moved. Although you are right duct tape won't hold up long...
  16. AtoXS

    Side stand falling down ?

    It's just one clip, you should already have one on the bike otherwise you would have no place to attach the spring. As far as the bolt length is concern, this clip wouldn't effect that since the post on the frame that the bolt threads into is notched so this clip locks on and fits flush to the...
  17. AtoXS

    Side stand falling down ?

    Yeah Dave that's the clip I was referring to. It can go on two ways and one is wrong and will cause you the lack of tension. Also make sure that it is on the notch because then it could potentially go on an infinite number of ways that are wrong. Also make sure you are using a factory spring. My...
  18. AtoXS

    Side stand falling down ?

    Make sure that the little clip that the bolt runs through to the frame is facing the right direction, if it's not there will definitely not be enough tension. If you were able to put the spring on by hand without a set a pliers to stretch it, it's probably wrong.
  19. AtoXS

    Make Offer - Simpson Bandit Outlaw Helmet Trades welcome

    If this was a medium I'd be all over it.
  20. AtoXS

    What is this part called? Rear disc brake on a hard tail

    I doubt it, I was looking for either male or female heim joints to make a linkage out of all over and never had any luck. You could check the local HD shops though heims seem to be used a lot on MoCo's linkages, although they may or may not be big enough.