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  1. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Stuff I found: Dual output coil, PMA puller, solid 35MM headlight ears

    Thanks Mailman! Yeah, I realized how long it had been since I posted here. Time flies. I'd love to say I'll do another bike soon, but I was bitten by a well loved 20 yr old BMW Z3. Tearing that apart is my stress relief these days. Also, have a taker for the parts. Thanks all.
  2. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Stuff I found: Dual output coil, PMA puller, solid 35MM headlight ears

    I have been out of the game for a few years, but found this when I was cleaning the other day. Come get it or pay shipping and it's yours. I live in South Charlotte, NC. Dual output coil. I had ordered this from Mikes. The one that came I could never get to work. Someone walked me through the...
  3. CoconutPete

    The blue '76

    Holy crap, they sold these in the US??? I had one of these when I lived in Denmark in 1993-1995. I have never see one in the US!
  4. CoconutPete

    Am I just stoned? Second opinion needed.

    Seems like a pretty whacky idea that would take a whole lotta work (inverter etc.) just to make it work. If you just want to mess with LED, they make 5-7" housings and LED inserts all day long for much less than the $127 option posted. Retrofitting that thing seems kinda like installing a...
  5. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Solid aluminum 35MM headlight ears (no bushings required)

    I bought a set of these for my build, but ended up taking a break from the 2 wheeled scene to play with a 4wheeled sunday ride for a while. (Item # #09-0016) here:[category]=electrical I really liked the style of these, but wanted one...
  6. CoconutPete

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Unfortunately it’s true. I found a really good home for Miesha and I’m really excited about having space for an”Sunday car” parked inside now. The bad thing is... I’m for some reason still looking at the classifieds here about once a week....
  7. CoconutPete

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Sadly (sort of ) I sold BOTH of them! For the first time in my life i will have a GIANT garage, so the Sunday vehicle is going to have 4 wheels for a while.
  8. CoconutPete

    Odd Turn Signal Issue

    An 11MM orange LED recessed in to sit flush somewhere (i did mine in the headlight) lets you do a fun mix of old-meets-new, plus you will not have to listen to the beeping. It's so bright, you will NOT forget to turn off your blinker.
  9. CoconutPete

    Odd Turn Signal Issue

    Have you had the switch apart? These things may be old but they are built like tanks. I yanked mine completely apart, one connection had to be re-soldered and then I cleaned everything off w/ electric cleaner. Then I used dialectric (sp?) grease to put it all back together and you'd think it...
  10. CoconutPete

    Odd Turn Signal Issue

    I yanked out my self-canceller while I was working on the bike, I did not wait for it to break. It was just one of those "Good ideas to come out of the 70's" that hasn't quite held up. I replaced the relay with a standard flasher relay (2 pin instead of 3 i believe) And also created my own...
  11. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Tank from 1979 Special

    Sold locally. Thanks for looking.
  12. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Tank from 1979 Special

    Cooper, I have a local guy who wants to look at it today, but if he is a no-go I could look into it. NO idea of shippping rates to Canada. For a $20 tank this may be cost-prohibitive, no?
  13. CoconutPete

    XS650 Craigslist postings depository

    The "close your lips and inhale" fairing sure is interesting.
  14. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Lots of XS parts , Florida

    EDIT: Wrong post. Sorry.
  15. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Natural Cast Aluminum Rear Wheel

    Hell, if he doesn't want it - i think I might take that hub Gary. Do you have a front 36-spoke one too?
  16. CoconutPete

    For Sale - Natural Cast Aluminum Rear Wheel

    Well, the post is 6 years old and he last logged on 5 years ago, so you may be waiting a while....
  17. CoconutPete

    For Sale - 1978 Standard and/or 1979 Special

    Both bikes are sold. Thanks for looking.
  18. CoconutPete

    Make Offer - XS 650 stache

    I'll just admit it. I had looked at another post where someone was selling a parts "stash". That was pretty cool. I clicked on this post thinking it would be a cool storage bag or something like that to mount to the front of the XS ..... one that was in the shape of a mou "stache".
  19. CoconutPete

    XS650 No Theme Build

    Ahh ... those welds....:bow2: