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  1. JRP01

    The bike you wish you still had

    Had one of these in high school. Would like another one.
  2. JRP01

    The bike you wish you still had

    I resemble that remark ,haha
  3. JRP01

    WTF pictures

    Oh my God Kevin. I cant begin to imagine how terrible you and your whole family feel. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.
  4. JRP01

    Interest in 8 plate clutch conversions?

    BTW I installed Barnett clutch springs. The new clutch works great even when torture tested at full throttle in fifth to about 85 mph.
  5. JRP01

    WTF pictures

    Yupper a one time only occurrence to be transported to a cool riding destination. Luckily for me doc gggGary was on the scene. It only hurt when I thought about it or used the hand, so we rode another couple hours haha.
  6. JRP01

    Are these bikes ever really done?

  7. JRP01

    Ride or Rest?

    What the gggGary said. Ride em don't hide em. Few things worse than a beautiful classic bike that is not ridden.
  8. JRP01

    Ride or Rest?

    Ride er hard
  9. JRP01

    Wanted - 1978 xs650 for AHRMA

    my forks, unfortunately have bikes attached haha
  10. JRP01

    Forks and the "Joe Minton" mod

    This year for the Ozarks I'm bringing an R1 with XS650 decals, so I can keep the last guy in sight haha
  11. JRP01

    NW Georgia Swapmeet Nov 12

    A fine time with good folk
  12. JRP01

    Ozarks Rally Spring 2021

    Plenty o tread left, just lean it over
  13. JRP01

    Ozarks Rally Spring 2021

    Great pics
  14. JRP01

    bbbbBut it's a Honda!

    Faster on ice than a 4 cylinder Accord. ha ha
  15. JRP01

    bbbbBut it's a Honda!

    AMX R Good
  16. JRP01

    bbbbBut it's a Honda!

  17. JRP01

    2021 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    Udderly beautiful
  18. JRP01

    2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

    I'll sencond that nomination and include the gggGarys updates and repairs.