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  1. Royboy

    News about Royboy

    Hello, everyone. I know my dad was very active on this site and he enjoyed it SO much. I wanted to pass along that Roy passed away quite suddenly last Tuesday. He loved his bikes and loved the comaradarie he found on this forum. Thank you for your kindness to him over the years. Happy trails to...
  2. Royboy

    Royal Enfield Twin

    Marlon has been an SR500 owner and forum contributor on SRs for a number of years. Here is one of his videos on SR500 oil changes. Post subject: How to change the oil in an SR500 roy
  3. Royboy

    Adios my two wheel friends.

    So sorry to hear about these guys passing. We tend to think in terms of today and that tomorrow will always be there. But as we age, that becomes less and less true. Ride every day as if it was your last. And when you do, ride with past members on your mind. I believe they know. roy
  4. Royboy


    I did not mean to imply anything negative about Randy or Baxter Cycle. It's a helluva bike shop and I enjoy it every time I'm there. I just can't play:shrug: roy
  5. Royboy


    We go to Nebraska frequently to visit family. Oftentimes that includes a stop in Marne, Iowa to check out the inventory at Baxter Cycle. Always an amazing selection of eye candy, and always at amazing prices. My understanding is that they ship bikes to Europe by the container load. Hate to...
  6. Royboy

    Can any of ya'll help with an SR500? Trying to get spark.

    Scott, I've been a fan and owner of SR500s since 1978. Here is a link to the SR500 forum and a thread regarding "no spark" issues. The SR forum is a good resource with a knowledgeable and active membership. You might want to give the folks over there a shot at your problem...
  7. Royboy

    Wheel chock question?

    I've used the Pingle mounts for years. Easy to use and dismountable when not in use. I can recommend them highly. They provide specific instructions for mounting and tie down. roy
  8. Royboy

    High Revs

    How high is "real high"? With both my 650's I normally advance the throttle stop screw a bit when starting out with a cold motor and then turn it back to about a 1200 rpm idle after the motor warms a bit. Pretty common trait with the 650's. roy
  9. Royboy

    help,tank liner failure

    We did two "weepy" tanks with POR15 over three years ago. Both have remained fuel tight and good looking. Directions must be followed meticulously. roy
  10. Royboy

    Checking in from Northern Virginia

    You've nowhere to go but up! I'm with Leo. First free it up if you can, then see what you've got under all those cosmetic issues. For many of us the build is where much of the fun is hiding. It's only a waste of time if you're not enjoying yourself. Hopefully you've got something else to...
  11. Royboy

    STP as Chain Lube?

    Thanks for all the feedback! In the end, after a totally anal cleanup of the chain, sprockets and various sullied areas around the chain I've gone with a roughly 50/50 mix of STP and chainsaw bar oil. I'll get back to this thread after I put a couple hundred miles on. I should probably...
  12. Royboy

    STP as Chain Lube?

    I'm tempted to try it. It's some of the slipperyest stuff on the planet. I wouldn't put it in a wet clutch motor but I'm thinking of trying it on the drive chains. Any experience out there? I'm tired of cleaning the gummy spray can crap they sell in bike shops off my wheels, inner fender...
  13. Royboy

    I need front fender ideas!

    Not a Harley piece but a nice fit on a 19" tire and will bolt directly the stock fender mount points.
  14. Royboy

    Front brake master cylinder

    The 11mm Brembo M/C from 650 Central works a treat on the later XS650's. Call MMM to discuss, he's not much into email. roy
  15. Royboy

    Matt's '76

    You're doing impressive work. Like your work space too. A tidy shop is a joy. roy
  16. Royboy

    Help! Pretty sure my new handlebar is crooked

    Set the bar right side up on a dead level surface, table saw bed or whatever. If it rocks from corner to corner it's not square. roy
  17. Royboy

    Another regulator/rectifier question...

    Duck, give this a read. roy
  18. Royboy

    WTF did I do now? The Ersatz Indian

    With all due respect Gary, you are the right guy to own that machine. There's no way to know what's wrong because there's no way to know what's right! roy
  19. Royboy


    1978 XS650SE came with cast wheels. Would that work for you? roy
  20. Royboy

    New Ride

    Picked this up yesterday. 2000 Mustang GT, 4.6 liter V8, 5 speed, $6,500, 14,000 miles, 18 years old. Belonged to a nice lady I know. Makes a nice counterpoint to my 94' which lives in Arizona now. This thing looks showroom new. Needs a few power adders and some serious wheels and tires...