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    Fuel recommendations

    I'm in BC and have had no trouble with any of my engines. Lawnmower, snowblower, weedeater, motorcycle. Most years I put some fuel stabilizer in them before I put them away, not always. Just fired up my DRZ400 yesterday. Battery was a bit low but it fired up and ran like a champ. I have had to...
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    Royal Enfield Interceptor 2019

    I've had good success with wd-40 for removing stickers and old residue. I too quickly remove the them. Don't imagine the warning labels were part of the original design!
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    Helmets, I didn't know that!

    I've got an Arai that's 5 years old. Hi viz yellow. Hasn't faded a bit. Bicycles I see at work fade in 1 year. Best piece of safety gear I've ever bought.
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    XS650 Top End Buildup

    What wrench style are you referring to? I've got a few different styles of double ended wrenches. New term to me.
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    Exhaust Question -- Cross Over Pipes

    Just a note, leave the stove cement to the stove that doesn't have much vibration. Just sayin.
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    TIG welding tips for dummies (me)

    Welding Tips and Tricks. There are videos on youtube and there is a forum where there are a lot of very knowledgeable people willing to help. Best help I've found for learning more about welding.
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    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    I had 750 Katana, can't remember the year, the drift in the corner took a bit to get used to. I had always thought that it was a poor choice of tires at the time. I also found I could launch that bike that bike off the line harder than bikes I had with far more power. It was always a unique...
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    Not my style but man I'm impressed

    It is pure aesthetics. Any build like this is all about style. Its personal choice. Just like riding in shorts and converse, it's about how you look. I love the look of some hardtails, might build one myself, but I know it's style not performance.
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    Land speed run…182 mph on a 1948 Vincent

    I felt my body get tense over 170 and then relax when it was calm at 150! What a ride. I can only imagine the hours it takes to pull that off. Hats off to all that make that possible.
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    Where's your duct tape?

    I started by doing my regular spring maintenance and throwing all the tools and some parts in a tool roll. Zip ties are amazing to have on hand. What can you and are willing to fix on the side of the road.
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    Most plastics degrade with time, regardless of the environment. In the rock climbing world all of your safety harnesses and ropes that are life important, have a 5 year limit. Even if it has been sitting on the shelf it will lose enough strength that it cannot be counted on. I'm not going to...