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    Hey there, I’m in the US. Easton, Pennsylvania to be exact. Let me get you an estimate on shipping, I’ll get back to you asap
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    For Sale - Slim Line Front MC

    Hey there, would you be able to ship to 18045?
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    For Sale - 35mm forks

    I found an extra set of new seals which I’ll include and I have a vapor blasted triple tree top that I’ll throw in
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    For Sale - 35mm forks

    Bought these lowers and internals from a member on here back in February and got a good deal. A few weeks ago I bought a parts lot that wound up including a shaved set with good chrome tubes. I already had brand new chromes and springs, so I’d like to pass on the good deals and offer up these...
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Washers

    Hey there I’ll take a set if still available. Thanks
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - BS 34 carbs

    Spare set of BS 34s I’ve had. $120 shipped
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Electric starters and gear kit from Heiden Tuning

    One is out of a ‘73 and the other is out of a spare engine I bought either ‘78 or ‘79. The one out of the ‘73 I know turned the engine over, only bench tested the other. Bought the gear kit along with an order I placed with Heiden Tuning, decided to go kick only. I don’t know if there’s a market...
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Loaded Gun Customs Rearset

    Loaded Gun Customs Rearset for XS650’s, complete kit. I opened up the middle hole on both brackets to fit a ‘73 frame, it’s not noticeable when installed. Kit could also be used universally. I bought a ‘73 that someone turned into a cafe and it was really only missing rearsets to finish it, I...
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    For Sale - Dunstall 1063 Clip ons

    Only set I’ve seen, original Dunstall clip ons marketed for early XS500’s and XS650’s. They bolt on through the top clamp and the fork caps. They would probably fit any of the early Yamahas with 34mm fork tubes. I also have a steering stem and triple off a ‘76 XS500 that they fit perfect on that...
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Awesome, I’ll take the rear axle and LH spacer too, how much for everything all together?
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    That’s be great, I appreciate it
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Ok cool sounds good, being new here I started looking around and it seems like you’re pretty involved, you wouldn’t happen to have any rear axles and spacers would you? Specifically after ‘74, everything under the tape measure in this picture
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Everything but the chrome tubes, the bike had a 34mm front end, I’m chopping it and going with 4” over forks, I have a 35mm triple tree already, so basically I need everything but the tubes since I’ll be replacing them anyway. Unless it’s something I won’t find split up like that, then I’ll look...
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Awesome, let me know how much shipped to 18045, you wouldn’t happen to have the internals as well would you? I basically need everything except the tubes, I should have said that earlier but I was half asleep when I responded to you asking if I was looking for legs or triples also
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Just legs
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - 35mm forks

    Looking to buy 35mm forks, don’t have to be perfect
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    For Sale - 1973 Parts

    Have some ‘73 parts to go. If I’m off on prices please let me know and make an offer. Shipping not included in prices. Front pegs-$20 Two battery boxes, one older, one newer-$20 for both Front fender-$20 Original triple and steer with damper-$30 Triple and steer off ‘76 XS500-$30 Seat-$30