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    Wanted - Front brake caliper for 1980

    I am in Iowa if you want to let me know the cost with shipping to 52746. Thanks
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    Let's See The XS's

    I'd like to see more pics of this one. Looks good so far.
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    Make Offer - Rear Fender

    What is the tunnel depth?
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    For Sale - Battery for sale

    I need to get a battery for my chop and this might work. Looks pretty big. That isn't a standard XS650 sized battery right? What are the dimensions?
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    Mike's XS Rim Giveaway Winner!

    Congrats on the win
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    Giveaway: Set of rims from Mike's XS (ends 11pm CST July 8, 2012)

    I'd love to have a new set of rims to move this project along! Count me in!
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    Another XS in the garage

    What do I say to that? Wow! :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    Another XS in the garage

    As always, its a pleasure to watch things come together on your projects
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    All powder bobber tank

    Wow, nice work bro!
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    Wanted - Stock tank

    I have got one I'd sell for $25 plus shipping. Got a little rust but I don't think it has any dents.
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    Has anyone used this tank bag?

    I'm going to have to check those out too. Thanks Gary
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    Has anyone used this tank bag?

    Good call Gary, I drive by a Farm and Fleet everyday. I'll have to stop in. Not sure I like that style but I am sure they have others as well.
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    Bobber turn signals and switch ideas

    I like these
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    My 81' XS650 Chopper & Intro

    Nice bike bro, I like the look of the license plate bracket. Unique.
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    2nd Annual "It's Hugh's Birthday" sale at Hugh's HandBuilt!

    Happy Birthday Hugh!
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    Regulator/ Rectifier swap

    Thanks DB, I appreciate you clearing that up. Now I've got a plan:thumbsup:
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    WTB spoke wheels for my 81' xs650. Where to buy?

    Why don't you just pick up a set of wire wheels off of the site in the classifieds? They'd be drum rear but unless you plan on driving like a wildman that braking setup should work fine for you. Otherwise I would think you could pick up anything used and have some axles modified to fit. Probably...
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    Regulator/ Rectifier swap

    According to the link to the other thread that Grinder posted I would need to unground my 78 motor with nylon screws. Retiredgentleman wrote "The diagram you posted does not tell the complete story. That diagram ( unground the 3 screws) is correct only if you are using a 80 to 83 type of...
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    Regulator/ Rectifier swap

    I am using a 78 motor with a pamco and wiring from scratch. I need a reg/rec and from what I see they are separate on the 78. There is a reg/rec on my 1980 that i'd like to use. I was trying to figure out if there were any issues with using the one off of the 80 and I noticed that the reg/recs...
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    Trade - TC Bros 12" mini apes

    I have got one to trade. PM sent