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    tool kit

    When I found this XS2 it had no tool kit under the seat. I would like to find an original tool kit - don't want anything new from E-Bay sellers. I intend to keep this bike original and will hope to find an original tool roll somewhere somehow. Also need a set of 2 into 2 pipes and a center stand.
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    good good good no vibrations

    Regarding vibrations...this XS2 I have (found it June '22) is a bit buzzy at highway speed, so my plan is to go up a tooth on the front sprocket and then maybe down a tooth or two on the rear. 18 front and 30 rear? ... should bring the rpm's down on the highway. I spose there's a thread on here...
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    Installing a new seat cover

    Very nice job!
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    seat pan restoration (XS2)

    Question: Has anyone had difficulty contacting ? Haven't heard back from them - sent 3 emails this past week. There's no way to attach these photos to their email service either...
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    seat pan restoration (XS2)

    Question: Has anyone had difficulty contacting ?? I need to ship a new seat back to them as it's "wonky" / defective. I've emailed them 3x this past week and nobody has gotten back to me. is there a phone #?
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    seat pan restoration (XS2)

    Will get some pics, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for the come back. -Chris
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    seat pan restoration (XS2)

    So...the seat I ordered from XS650Direct will have to be shipped back as it is "wonky" at the rear. Still waiting to hear back from them after sending 3 emails since Monday. What's with that?? Their instructions on their website say nothing may be returned without an "Authorization Form" filled...
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    wonky seat (new!)

    Thanks. It did take some work to get it to fit properly...loosening the pan bolts makes it easier. But it is really fudged at the back as you can see. It's going back, just waiting to hear from them etc. The quality is good, just, they screwed up the metal band at the back-a shame. -Chris
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    wonky seat (new!)

    I asked an upholsterer to re-do the seat on our 1972 XS2 (just purchased!) as the foam had turned to yellow powder and it was disgusting. He called a few days later said "the pan is rotten-can't do it". I ordered a new seat from XSDirect and it sure looked sweet when it arrived. After install, I...