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    Video Thread

    That guy was lucky , I hit a deer with my bike ( an '83 v45 magna ) back in '94. The thing was in mid leap and took me right off my bike at around 40 mph. I was lucky it wasn't a big one, just a fawn weighed about 75 lbs.
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    My first ever bike build!!

    What hydraulic do you have ? Is it like Hugh's where it is just a hydraulic cable ? I have heard some people have had trouble with those , you may want to try going back to a cable . MMM at 650 central has good cables , so does motion pro I hear .
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    Newb Question, How to remove seat

    I think I am ready to build a bike now . I just finished putting a puzzle together and it only took me 4 hours even though the box said 3 to 5 years .
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    Newb Question, How to remove seat

    At least now you got the hard part finished , after you get the seat off the rest of the build is easy .
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    hydraulic clutch

    Check out what ippytattoo has come up with , he makes a better hydraulic clutch modification that eliminates the worm gear , it uses a master cyl. to push the clutch rod plus he has put together an 8 plate clutch .
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    Might rebuild 1979 XS 650 Special. Main bearings are going. How pricey would it be?

    Main bearing might mean that engine is toast . Give us more details and post some picks . As it is, you are looking at a non running parts bike , $600 might be a bit high .
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    high rpms at 55 and above

    At 55 mph you should be around 3500- under 4 grand anyway . Like Coleman said ,it may be gearing ( I run stock 17 / 34 sprockets on mine ) or maybe your clutch is slipping a bit . What happens when you hit the throttle hard in 5th gear at 4500 rpm ? Does it take off ,or do the revs climb and...
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    E3 Spark Plugs

    I think I have tried every gimmick plug ever made , "V" type, Split fire , Gold ,Platinum, Iridium , Unobtainium , you name it , every brand . All work great when new , I have IX plugs in my bike now , but none are any good once they foul . That said, some brands of plug just seem to work better...
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    How much $ in your build?

    Just spent $180 on a set of vintage KONI shocks , been looking for a set for a couple of years .Probably the best deal I got on parts so far for this bike . Now I can ditch those monza shocks from Mike's/ direct even though they are better now than they were new . Seems like having a 275lbs...
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    Help reading plugs...

    You should try some NGK BP7ES plugs , I am not sure those autolites are the same . What ignition do you have ?
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    MikesXS Coils.....Trying to help someone. Input please.

    I just gave away 2 brand new stock coils , I figured I would never need them because any xs I get my hands on will be getting a Pamco and a high out put coil .
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    Suppressor Recommendations?

    I know what you mean , like I really want a flame thrower and some hand grenades but the god damn gubmint says I can't have them even after I filled out a bunch of forms .
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    UK Cafe Racer Build Thread

    Good thing it never rains in Northumberland or you might of had to put a rear fender on .
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    Suppressor Recommendations?

    Is a suppressor like a silencer ? Why do you need one of those ? Are you going to shoot a mime ?
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    Help. Does any one know the length sprocket to sprocket?

    You will just have to measure to buy a chain , the swing arm has been changed so it will not be a stock length . The front end ( forks ) look like they may be stock , and it doesn't look like the rake has been changed , but maybe lowered .
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    1983 XS650 Project

    I just read most of your thread , you seem to be going in the right direction . Let your battery charge overnight on a slow charge . Try it then .
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    1983 XS650 Project

    When you say cleaned it thoroughly , did you follow the guide and take it apart ? How long did you let it charge for ? ( you should have 13.5 V or so on a charged battery ) How about gasoline ? How old is it ? Lots of things to do when you are trying to wake one of these old bikes up . There is...
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    Short causes bike to shut off?

    look in the tech section, look up ignition, find some pictures ( you really should order a manual , Mike's has them )
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    Short causes bike to shut off?

    What year is your bike ? Later models don't have points and lot's of people swap out the points for a Pamco or Boyer ignition . Easy to tell what you have, take off the points cover on the left side .
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    XS650 and the Sidecar of Death

    They sell those brand new Ural (Russian ) side car rigs down the road from me . They look pretty slick, and they are two wheel drive , go anywhere just about . I am tempted to buy one .