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    What have you done to your XS today?

    I've spend the last couple of years, maintaining my current bike and upgraded the bike to a full blown motogadget setup, all with the mo.unit blue and mo.button as well as their blinkers for the handlebar and added a led taillight and a led headlight. Overall I've upgraded from the 650ccm to a...
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    My 60th birthday present

    Thats a great thread and what a nice bike... A little late following it from the start so a great read through. Color the white one I think looks really nice.
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    100% homebuilt Swedish Tracker finished!!

    That's a great writeup, one great looking bike. Great roads you have in Sweden for a bike like that. Hope summer turns out great this year and you'll ride alot of miles. Thanks for sharing.
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    Build write up in detail (ex-Just saying hi)

    Radradratorius thats a Rad bike you got there, really nice work ;) You could start on your own, job wise I mean. :thumbsup: :bike:
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    Help! My head has been (POORLY) tapped and countersunk. What can I do to fix it?

    Hi there, ill second fredintoon.. But also recomend the timesert for the spark plug repair. Look at this video. :thumbsup:
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    Pamco 277 Timing?

    In my old setup with a rephased 277 my cam were opposite to what's "normal" so it weren't my left that were 15 degree but the right cylinder. Could be a possibility as well!?
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    Pamco 277 Timing?

    Not beeing a smart ass here, but your sure your mechanics know what a 277 rephase is? if he tries to adjust the cylinders as if it were a 360 then he wont get them correct at any time.
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    Fuel in my exhaust

    Hi, have you checked that the ignition is spot on? Perhaps you could try and see if both pipes reach same temp, use a IRT for this..
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    My latest resto/retro completed

    Is it a new owner? Anyways the owner new or current will have a real nice rebuild bike that will turn heads I'm sure. Well done [emoji106][emoji102]
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    incorrect torque spec for caliper hex bolts in Haynes?

    Copenhagen and you?
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    incorrect torque spec for caliper hex bolts in Haynes? Here are the url to the time sert
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    incorrect torque spec for caliper hex bolts in Haynes?

    Hi marp68, there are also Time-Serts as an alternative to helicoils. The Time-Serts is a new thread not just a thread repair. I would say that the Time-Serts would solve the problem for you.
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    changing sprockets

    Good idea, I'll look into that aswell. Thanks guys as always much help.
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    changing sprockets

    ;) I know you have a crush on the BS38 ;)
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    changing sprockets

    haha, trust me, this engine is a rocket and has plenty of power.. the real issue is that its not running silky while at low rpm ;) thanks both for chipping in :bike:
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    changing sprockets

    Thanks Brew, ill have a look at them. ;)
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    changing sprockets

    Ill might have to move it to another thread ;) but the engine came with the carbs and the engine and carbs were dynoed together..
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    changing sprockets

    Ok, thanks for clearifying that.. ;) Right now its 17/34 and with the Pumper Crabs acceleration is already extreme.. So can almost imagine how a 17/36 would feel like. :eek: Ill have to look into the carb tuning I guess.. Its been dyno tested with these carbs, so my guess would be that its...
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    changing sprockets

    Well, kind of think it would be last resort, as the carbs are all new only has 300km on them so far. Could be a solution of course.. And one I would look into, so thanks for the suggestion.
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    changing sprockets

    Hi you all.. okay.. been reading through this thread and havent wuite found the answer, so her it goes. Im having a 750 bigbore with 520 chain and 17/34 sprockets. Its equipped with Dellorto PHF36 pumper carbs and been dyno tested and runs great. The issue im facing is when riding through town...