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  1. weekendrider

    Adios my two wheel friends.

    Thanks for the good times. Weekendrider
  2. weekendrider

    2018 Vintage Yamaha Rally

    Just a thought. Any and all of the info could be includeded in a gallary album.
  3. weekendrider

    For Sale - Solid aluminum 35MM headlight ears (no bushings required)

    +1 on these being a nice item.
  4. weekendrider

    Make Offer - 2 bikes and a whole mess of parts.

    Pictures of the stuff you will ship?
  5. weekendrider

    2019 XS650 Calendar Thread - NOMINATIONS

    I ran this up the flag pole a couple of years ago and it didn't get much attention. At the time bobbers and trackers were getting the votes. Sooo we will try it again with plea to remember what mods have been done and how helpful they have been. 5Twins you have been nominated for the 2019 calendar.
  6. weekendrider

    New Server

    Still locking up for me. 8 yr. old Droid.
  7. weekendrider

    Help! I think I broke something.

    Hi Swarl. To edit your posts click on the three horizontal bars in the lower left corner. Just make sure you are working with the short thread duplicate. Not the long one
  8. weekendrider

    How do I test my stock alternator

    If you remove the brush holder(blk plastic housing) pay attention to which screws go to which holes. Some are different lengths.
  9. weekendrider

    Digging in for Starter Gear/Spring Repair

    Usually simply retensioning the spring will fix the problem. A gasket (just in case) and the aid of a scale will get r dun.
  10. weekendrider

    Odd Turn Signal Issue

    Isn't that just a matter of opinion? Not that I know anythang.
  11. weekendrider

    2019 XS650 Calendar Thread - NOMINATIONS

    Pete, we are still dippy, tree hugging hippys. :wink2: But the veneer is wearing a bit thin.
  12. weekendrider

    2019 XS650 Calendar Thread - NOMINATIONS

    Nice looking '75 willis. I'll second the nomination.
  13. weekendrider

    Accelerate problem

    Yes if the operator is doing their job.
  14. weekendrider

    Starter Turns Sounds Like Not Engaging

    Yes they are spacers set to index the depth of gear. I have had luck with a little grease in the grooves to hold the halves while I clip the washer in place.
  15. weekendrider

    Nice Find

    This has become a trend in the midwest also. Find and display as found. A few of the nicer ones get restored but mostly as found in their working clothes.
  16. weekendrider

    CANNON BALL 2018

    A few more pics from the past. Mostly random shots.
  17. weekendrider

    Wanted - Sissy bar for 83

    You can spend a lot of time and money trying to mix and match. If you are looking for ease and fitment try finding one like this.
  18. weekendrider

    Simple Carb Mixture Screw and Sync Adjustments

    No, and sometimes you get to clean them four or five times before you get all the passage blocking scale cleaned out. You will want to completely remove mix screws and washers.
  19. weekendrider

    2019 XS650 Calendar Thread - NOMINATIONS

    Thank you, MM. Those simple words pretty well sum it up
  20. weekendrider

    Lucille pulls another one on me....

    So while you are adding holes, does anyone else use the triples? Like 5twins a short in-line jumper instead of cutting out the original is preferred here.