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    For Sale - Front fork upper covers

    Set of paintable (not chromed), never-bent upper covers with associated hardware including the dampers and collars needed to attach front turn signals as shown in pic. These are take-offs from a 1982 Heritage Special, originally black but re-painted in metallic pewter color, easy to strip and...
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    For Sale - Carb Synchronizer Gauge Set

    For Sale Carb synchronizer guages for twin cylinder motors - $25 + S&H to your ZIP or best offer SOLD
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    For Sale - Extra parts for XS650

    Bobcat - sorry, I don't have that collar
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    For Sale - Extra parts for XS650

    Bill, it fits nicely into a USPS small flat rate box, so that's $8.45 + $40 = $48.45 total. PayPal address is I decided to sell my bike and the parts I've advertised, including this, before I ever got around to testing it on the bike, so if there's any problem, I'll...
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    For Sale - Boyer Bransden Micro Power KIT 00303

    Complete Boyer Bransden Micro Power ignition for Yamaha XS650. Installation in '80-'84 models requires replacement cam bushes that are not included. 650Central lists them as #PCEN11-55500 at $12 per pair. $100 SOLD
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    For Sale - Cam covers

    Ha Ha - you got me!
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    For Sale - Cam covers

    650-badged cam covers, excellent chrome, no scratches $35 SOLD
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    For Sale - Extra parts for XS650

    Sump plate w/ new gasket, plug and crush washer $30. SOLD 4M4 stator w/ TCI pickup - top tab slotted to allow timing adjustment - needs new brushes (not included) (pic img-0128) $50. SOLD "Gonzo" GN250 ignition module replacement for OEM TCI unit - pigtail has correct color-coded wiring...
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    1984 XS650 Special NO SPARK

    The electronic ignition system needs pretty much full battery voltage to function reliably, so your battery has to have proper water level in all cells and be in good usable shape before you check anything else. There can be many different reasons for your issue, but a good place to start is to...
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    For Sale - '82 Heritage Special

    Gary - front is 19x1.85, rear is 18x2.50, both WM style, labeled XS Performance, bought from Mike's XS some years back
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    For Sale - '82 Heritage Special

    I'm gonna stay on the forum, for sure! Thanx much, Gary - cosmetic changes since this pic are to vent the rotor cover and side panels with stainless steel mesh and replace the black plastic disc on left side of front hub with a machined aluminum one
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    For Sale - '82 Heritage Special

    That bittersweet time has come for me - averaging only about 600 miles/yr the last four years, not enough to keep up skills, and at age 77, reality sets in - time to pass it along to someone who can enjoy it more. I'm the third owner, have had it 11 years - second owner had it only briefly, was...
  13. GN250 Ignition With Pigtail For XS650

    GN250 Ignition With Pigtail For XS650

    All correct Yamaha color codes
  14. DIY RectReg_2

    DIY RectReg_2

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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Replaced the OEM black plastic cover with this machined aluminum one - just a bit of bling!
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    Valve adjuster screw damage and replacement

    Here's a pic of how they look in an XS650 - they're a bit shorter than OEM ones
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    Headlight keeps recharging below 14.5

    First, find some way to double-check the accuracy of your meter reading - if your meter operates off a small battery and it's nearly dead, the meter may not read accurately - ask me how I know! If it is accurate, your voltage regulator may not be doing its job.
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    Starting from scratch 1981 xs650

    I also filed a bit of material off the blackened area of the check valve shown in the attached pic to help ensure adequate clearance to the frame tube above. The hexhead bolts that attach the breather to the cylinder head have to be in place before JB-welding the check valve in the breather...
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    Starting from scratch 1981 xs650

    It's possible to mount your check valve directly to your breather outlet port but requires trimming back the bracket that would be just above it to get some clearance.
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    Starting from scratch 1981 xs650

    If your bike still has the original fuse block that holds glass cartridge fuses, it's one of the first electrical items to check, because the clips are prone to losing tension and eventually breaking, resulting in intermittent or total loss of power to the particular circuit involved. Lots of...