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    Mosfet Rgulator

    Gettin close on my first XS build! It's almost ready to breath! I need a Mosfet regulator to run with my HHB PMA alternator. Hugh is rather busy home schooling these days what with the apocalypse and all and hasn't had any for months now. Does anyone know where I can find one? Any and all help...
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    cam chain installation

    Thanks eveybody! I really like Jim's string line visual.
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    cam chain installation

    Thanks 5!
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    cam chain installation

    Thanks 5!
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    cam chain installation

    Just a quick question for you guys that have been doing this awhile. Just finished the bottom end and getting started on the top end. Can I make the master link on the cam chain before I put the jugs on and just slip the cam under the chain or do I need to make the chain on the top of the cam...
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    Electric Starter pinion shaft

    I need to get this electric starter pinion shaft housing out of my case. There is a casting imperfection behind it and when I bead blasted my case, glass got in there. Anyone ever take this nasty thing out before? Bike will be kick only when done so......
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    Wanted - HHB PMA puller

    Thanks for the help Jim.
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    Wanted - HHB PMA puller

    Just checked Jim. My 60 year old eyes say they are LH.
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    Wanted - HHB PMA puller

    Hi Jim. Not sure if LH or RH but I can go check. Its a HHB PMA. Aren't they universal? BTW, thanks for the top end post. It will be a big help!
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    Wanted - HHB PMA puller

    Tearing down my '83 XS. Need a puller for my HHB PMA alternater and Hugh is out of stock. Anyone have an old one they want to sell? A Yamaha puller will not work on a HHB unit. Please give me a call at 412-398-8034 or reply here.
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    Street tracker tires??

    Duro, Maxis, etc. Can anyone give me some direction which way to go with tires for my '83 XS650 street tracker? Want it to look authentic but tire quality is most important (I hate to fall). 19 in the front, 18 in the rear. Wheels are off a 77 XS I think. Thanks for the help!! Mark C
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    I hate old clear coat!

    Does anyone know the easiest way to strip clear coat off my aluminum forks, engine cases etc without staining the aluminum? The eventual goal is to polish them up.
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    Wheel Compatability

    Thanks Mr B. From the very little I think I know about the XS family, I'm told I can use an SR 500 wheel on my '83 swing arm if I just shim it over a little bit. I guess I'm looking for a wheel, disk, and caliper. I was hoping to keep it under $125. Hope that's not an insult! You can call my...
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    For Sale - Lots of XS parts , Florida

    I need both wheels and calipers. Got pics of those, or just call my cell 412-398-8034
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    Wheel Compatability

    Looking to build my tracker with mags and disks. Can anyone tell me if 77 RD400 or 77 XS500 wheels and disks will fit my 83 XS650? SR500 wheels are hard to find. Anyone know of any other options out there?
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    Ethanol Question

    If I use ethanol stabilizer will that prevent the nasty stuff from eating through my fiberglass tank?
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    Fiberglass Question

    Ok. Just bought my '83 XS in-a-basket and am getting ready to start my street tracker project. I figure seat and tank are the right place to start. I keep hearing these horror stories about ethanol eating fiberglass resin. Is there an alternative to fiberglass out there? Are there glass tanks...