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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Nice bike . Mufflers and fab on the pipes outstanding. Waiting for the pipes to show was long enough. Bike looks great.
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    Getting acquainted...

    Welcome to the site. Lots of good advice already given . Design it put it down on paper. Some real show quality bikes have been built on this site. Read their threads. See what other builders have done. Do a build thread. Good luck rubber side down. :cheers:
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    81 SH misfiring, need help!

    It might be missing a vacuum cap on the carb boot or a bad spark plug.
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    BS38 alternatives

    I have CVK carbs on my 750 big bore they perform really good. Sell those 38 on ebay.
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    Loud pipes wont save your life but will make you deaf. I like the sound of the commando system mikes sells.
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    G'day mates, Tracker build for ya's

    Like it a lot. You did a really good job building it and it shows well. Fun times ahead. :cheers:
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    To ditch the points system or not?

    I went with the Pamco and E-Advance. It eliminates the mechanical advance. Works great no problems.
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    Vintage Motorcycle Gathering

    Nice pictures of the bikes at the show. Thanks
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    Introduction & Thanks

    Welcome. The journey was well worth it. You have created a really nice looking bike out of a junk yard fugitive. I like the color choice and the restomod classic look. A job well done. :cheers:
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    Let's See The XS's

    Some really great bikes on these pages. Different styles I like them all.
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    Its almost winter. Time to ruin another bike (1970 XS1)

    Going with the extended swing arm would be better than the hard tail. Brat style would be my choice.
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    Top end starved of oil.

    I would recommend you split the cases and clean oil passages and inspect the crank replace the seals. Chances are the oil pump failed causing the damage to the cam and rockers. Scored piston also lack of oil also. Do it right the first time.
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    Congratulations on the show winner. Well deserved I must add. :cheers:
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    First build, Modern Cafe

    Looks good and show quality work. Like the paint job. :cheers:
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    The stand alone photo artworks picture of the bike allows one to focus on the show bike quality of the build worthy of the Robson label. Lots of work went into creating it. Don't forget the oil change. :cheers:
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    Good to hear it passed the MOT. Glad your getting some riding time in and the feedback. Happy at 65 is a good speed. Buzzy 80 and above is a normal for the rephase motor from what I have read on the subject. I take it relates to the vibration no noticeable at 65 then as engine RPM increases 80...
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    Another Bobber Project...

    Welcome. Looks like it just needs some love. I would fix the charging issue and since it runs is a good thing. The yadda yadda yadda rephase and rebuild is big bucks. Depending on the condition of the motor and your wallet it might not be cost effective at this point and better spent on things...
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    Those pictures of the bike are really well done and a nice view of surrounding area. Board track or street fighter the side view if the bike looks all motor bad to the bone so to speak. The video of the ride by looks like a good place to grab some gears for some load testing of the motor. Horse...
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    Looks good on the road. That candy paint in sun light comes alive. Good to see it is put to good use. :cheers:
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    XS750 carbs on a 650? (obviously only 2 of the 3...)

    Another 10 year project. :D