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  1. nighthog

    An Absence of Sparks

    Just had an update from my friend - he's fitted his replacement TCI from Fleabay and the bike now runs. Hooray!! So it WAS the TCI unit after all .... and this time he's rubber-mounted the unit so hopefully there will be no repeat of this saga. Many thanks to all of you for your contributions...
  2. nighthog

    An Absence of Sparks

    I can confirm that both the sidestand relay and switch have been removed, all other electrics are working fine, and the AGM battery is in good condition. I'll look at the trigger magnet next week but in the meantime my friend has sourced a TCI unit on Fleabay. At least that's dead easy to swap...
  3. nighthog

    An Absence of Sparks

    Good point, haven't checked the magnet. I just tested the resistance of the pickup coils at the connector to the TCI and that looked fine; time to whip the LH cover off next time I visit him. Small matter of my stepson's wedding getting in the way of that though .... I'll be a bit occupied at...
  4. nighthog

    An Absence of Sparks

    I'll have to ask him - he lives 15 miles or so away from me. The headlight comes on at key on, but I don't think either of us checked horn and indicators. Agree that the spark at key off is interesting - that's part of what makes me suspicious of the TCI unit.
  5. nighthog

    An Absence of Sparks

    Hello all, I'm trying to help a friend whose bike won't run. Well, it DID, but now it don't. Bike is an '82 (8/82 on the VIN sticker) that the PO has amended to get rid of the battery box. He welded a tray for the electrics into the frame, so not rubber mounted. The sidestand and headlight...
  6. nighthog

    Make Offer - Parting out a 81 xs650 with a clean ny title

    Do you have the TCI unit?
  7. nighthog

    What have you done to your XS today?

    White plug = holed piston in the making. I can't comment about the strange noise, but you clearly have a mixture/air ingress problem - very odd that each side seems the polar opposite of the other though. More than one problem, I'd wager.
  8. nighthog

    Miss November XS2 tribute

    Thanks Raymond, I think for that price I can afford to add some of that to my grease collection. Devil's advocate question though for those better informed than me - why not just use silicone grease?
  9. nighthog

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Is it just me, or am I right in suspecting that for an awful lot of us the answer to the question 'What have you done to your XS today?' is bugger all, apart from walking round it to get to the (delete as appropriate) washing machine/tumble drier/freezer/workbench/other bike I'm busy with/beer...
  10. nighthog

    Fuel tank options

    What do you want it to fit? A 400 or a 650?
  11. nighthog

    Buzzy's revival: '82 Heritage Special

    I see you posted 'New seals, shaft, front sprocket, chain and rear tire will go on shortly'. Best to replace the rear sprocket too or you'll knacker that nice new chain sooner than you'd like.
  12. nighthog

    Just Ride.

    A bit oblique but had to point out Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top - brilliant track! Do yourself a favour and check it out 🕶️
  13. nighthog

    Just Ride.

    Returning to the subject of this thread! It's been a nice afternoon, dry, not too cold (about 8 C) so just HAD to get out for a blast. Only 30 miles but they were fun ones! First ride after the winter's work. Crap photo but here it is anyway:
  14. nighthog

    Bushyboy's build thread

    Doing quite well by the look of it. When are you going to get your next one?
  15. nighthog

    The Green Planet

    It's required viewing in my household. What an amazing life that man has had. Indeed, is still having!
  16. nighthog

    And for my next trick ....

    Update time. Removed the chain, knocked back the tab washer, and the sprocket nut wasn't even finger tight. So clearly that was part of the problem, but the seal still didn't look happy. The spacer had marks where it shouldn't so a new seal and an XS Performance spacer with an O-ring on the...
  17. nighthog

    Can anyone date this frame please ?

    I too have an XS650SJ built in '81 for the '82 model year. If you look at the VIN sticker on the headstock, you'll see the month and year of manufacture. Here's mine: Hope that helps :) Cliff
  18. nighthog

    Wiring problems.

    Sounds like yours are insulated connectors. Try Auto Electrical Supplies or Vehicle Wiring Products and 3.9mm non-insulated ones. You WILL need suitable crimps though. PM me for more details if you like.
  19. nighthog

    Just Ride.

    Well, that's a new one on me. We don't have those in the UK.