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  1. Scripto VU

    Can you help a brother out ?

    Good morning, I am not certain I want to post this but here we are................. all good friends etc, Right ?? This weekend I an going to endure a painful procedure ( for me at least) The procedure requires me to fortify my spine and make sure both testicles on their game.. I have to...
  2. Scripto VU

    quick read: Happy St Patrick's Day's_Old_Ale_House embedded links interesting I realize that there are many older pubs in Europe but still not bad.
  3. Scripto VU

    really rich guys toys

    (if you rotate the car pic you can see a tribute to Apollo 11--- google Magnus Racing Apollo livery) wizardry - hidden
  4. Scripto VU

    Wanted - Help - stater button

    I realized when working on my wiring harness. That I am missing the starter button .Any ideas ? 1974TX650A. All original handle bar switches
  5. Scripto VU

    Forth of July

    The Forth of July is always a great fun holiday. No gifts to exchange, going to the beach and watching fireworks. (maybe a couple of rounds from a little noise maker, can propel a golf ball 1/4 mi.) Cheers , to all the veterans that deserve to be recognized for their commitment !
  6. Scripto VU

    recent car show in my home town

    ........just dreaming
  7. Scripto VU

    first bike ........this never gets old.

    "Roach" 1948 Hiawatha Super Doodlebug - worth a kings's ransom to me (1965)
  8. Scripto VU


    This may be old news... Quick reads-
  9. Scripto VU

    Center Stands (are they interchangeable ) ?

    Will a 1975 XS650 B center stand, interchange with a 1974 TX650A ? I am looking for advice from a person that has experience sorting out a 1974 TX650A wiring harness. My bike runs but inside the headlight bucket looks like a plate of fettuccine . ( bought it that way) Who on the site can I...
  10. Scripto VU

    How about a little yard art .

    cooped up and cold in New England, this is the result .....a little Palm Springs Art.
  11. Scripto VU


    In the 70's I was a "gopher" for a friend that had 2 XS 650s with redline frames and all the baloney. He drove around the west coast in a Ford Hippy Van and raced at the San Jose mile, Sacramento , Ascot, Castle Rock, Sidewinders etc. I don't remember him doing really well but I think looking at...
  12. Scripto VU

    BRAVE SOUL A trip back in time. Fascinating site - dig it !
  13. Scripto VU

    Folding minibike

    almost finished, installed 4 stroke honda engine. backup 650 engine in background
  14. Scripto VU

    side car subframe

    i have a nos easyrider side car, i need tips and pics of subframe mounts and ideas help ! Thanks, long winter in CT