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  1. wannabridin

    For Sale - Stock airboxes, $60 OBO

    Factory airboxes off a special. Year unknown. Complete with usable filters, 3rd inlet hole already drilled. Crossover tube included. No cracks or other issues. Bolt on and ride. $60 OBO
  2. wannabridin

    For Sale - EX500 CVK carbs, $200 OBO

    I've a set of EX500 carbs for sale. Properly rebuilt. JJJ needles, 38 pilots, 138 mains, 3rd needle clip, bench sync's, fuel rail filter, all stainless hardware. These should be ready to run on most motors. Will obviously need a sync on a running bike. Ultrasonically cleaned, all ports...
  3. wannabridin

    Newest addition to the "fleet"

    Picked up a '77 Goldwing (GL1000) last week. Bike was laid over a few months ago, but used to belong to a collector. Has 24k miles, tasteful/proper upgrades and in FANTASTIC shape for $1500. Title is currently a salvage, but that can easily be converted to a rebuilt. Plan is to get...
  4. wannabridin

    XSCharge Gen II

    Anyone read details about the gen 2?? Have any thoughts?? Not interested in buying, just discussions
  5. wannabridin

    Wiring boots

    Does anyone have a source for the boots for the battery cables and neutral switch? I found the starter terminal cover, but I want to put boots on the battery cables I've made and also replace the neutral switch boot. Any luck? Thanks!
  6. wannabridin

    Wanted - Clear timing cover

    Anyone have or make a clear timing cover? Don't need the brass rings or anything, just the cover. Thank you!!
  7. wannabridin

    Wanted - Starter motor

    Hey guys, need a starter for my '78. Both of mine were rusted up too bad and couldn't be opened up without stripping the heads. Thanks for the help!
  8. wannabridin

    EBC Pad Differences

    Does anyone know or have experience with the different pads from EBC? I need new pads for my front brembo conversion and the following are available: EPFA244HH ($55.93) - "Sintered Fast Streed & Trackday" FA244HH ($33.35) - "Sintered Superbike" FA244 ($30.34) - "Organic" I've read conflicting...
  9. wannabridin

    Wanted - Late model breather

    Hey all, Looking for a late model breather for my '78. The current breather is far too bulky behind the EX carbs, would like a better option. Thanks!
  10. wannabridin

    Uh oh, jumped cam chain???

    Well I'm infinite Idiocracy, I might have jumped teeth on the cam chain... While changing the cam chain tensioner, I absent mindedly spun the flywheel. Wondering what the clicking sound was, and why the flywheel was turning so easily (both directions mind you...) I had the sudden heart sunken...
  11. wannabridin

    Brake caliper spacer length

    Hey all, Quick question: any recommendations for max length for a caliper spacer? I finally worked out the brembo spacers and it got me thinking of another bike. My '01 spirit 750 has a custom front wheel and rotor using the stock caliper. I've caliper spacers on there now that are ~ 5/8"...
  12. wannabridin

    Daugherty Motorsports Fork Emulators

    Hello all, I'm posting this up to inform you that there's a new option for front fork performance. Jamie Daugherty of DMr has prototyped an emulator system for the 35mm XS forks. The quality is top notch and I've personally used his emulators in 4 of my motorcycles over the years with amazing...
  13. wannabridin

    Headlight mount parts

    Does anyone have a drawing or list of order of parts that goes on for the headlight mounts (ears)? I don't have enough pictures of my teardowns to recall the order between the lower and upper triple trees.... Thank you!!!!
  14. wannabridin

    Wanted - 78 Special Parts

    Need some random bits for my 1978 Special: Battery box grommet for + battery cable (the odd shaped one) rear turn signal wire fender mounts (there's 2 holes, I'm not sure if there's a clip for them) Grab rail (it's the chrome one, not the special II aluminum one) Headlight adjuster/mounting...
  15. wannabridin

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Mikes XS Standard Cafe Seat, $190 shipped

    Hey all, I've a brand new Mikes XS Cafe seat for a 77+ Standard. Wouldn't fit my 78 Special w/o more work than I was wanting to do. Would like to see this gone ASAP, $190 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking.
  16. wannabridin

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Closed

    Thread closed due to off-nature discussion
  17. wannabridin

    MOFSET R/R wiring?

    Hey guys, wondering if someone could help me determine the wiring for this Reg/Rect I have from my PMA swap. Anyone have some thoughts?? Thanks!
  18. wannabridin

    Clutch cover oil plug?

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to reinstall my right side engine cover, but I'm not sure what this hole is supposed to have in it. The bike originally had an external cooler on it (similar to the Heiden unit) and there was a line coming out of this hole. When I was cleaning the cover, I was...
  19. wannabridin

    2017 SCR 950, $2999

    Well these didn't sell very well, so some dealers are still liquidating their stock for cheaper than used. God I wish I could get one for this price. Someone PLEASE take advantage of this...
  20. wannabridin

    Sold / Found / Inactive - New Hugs PMA, rebuilt points/advancer system, Transistor ignition

    I've decided to go a different direction w/ my bobber build, so I've some parts for sale. NIB Hughs PMA system. Full kit just like you'd buy on Hugh's website (this one: $250 shipped Rebuilt points system. Includes new...