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  1. kshansen

    Not XS650 but at least a two cylinder motorcycle!

    Last fall finally had the ambition and the weather to go for a nice ride around a local lake, tebo would probably know the lake, Skaneateles. I was on the Harley Sportster/Sidecar outfit wife on her GTV300 Vespa. As I slowed down to make the right off Route 41 on to Route 41A bike skipped and...
  2. kshansen

    Not sure where to post this problem with forum

    Actually not sure if the problem is with the forum or something at my end. Often, but not always, when I am finished reading a thread and click on the next on or a second page in a thread I get a circling arrow like it id loading the page but it stays there for a long time. However if I click...
  3. kshansen

    Left side Cover Question

    Have question on the left side engine cover, the one that covers the alternator and has the adjuster for the clutch. Another member is looking for one for a 1971. I thought I had one off a 1972 but when I went to look all the ones I have are on the same shelf so I have no idea if one of them is...
  4. kshansen

    Just a bit of a rant on the US Post Office of today!

    On May 25, 2021 I ordered a pair of 6204-2RS ball bearings from a bearing house in Medley FL. For anyone not familiar with ball bearing sizes they are about the size of an Oreo Double Stuff cookie! I started tracking them on the 26th of May when Post Office showed they had possession of the...
  5. kshansen

    New tool designs?

    Not sure if the "limited quantities" are still available as this offer is close to two weeks old but might be worth a try:
  6. kshansen

    Sort of motorcycle related, it's a Harley Sportster!

    It does say other makes and models up there near top of page so I guess a Sportster counts, but not for some of the "Real Harley Groups". Well don't recall if I wrote before about the problem I had on our last ride in the fall. Well the short story is had a mess of trans oil down the side of...
  7. kshansen

    Things that just make you go HUH??

    Needed to replace some parts for a somewhat off brand gas grill and after spending some time on Google and Amazon I found some parts that I think will work so I ordered them. Then as will happen Amazon sent me one of those "Gee! you bought those parts so we think you might needed these things...
  8. kshansen

    Simple to learn and use Drawing program?

    Thought someone here might have some suggestions. I'm looking for an easy to learn program that can be used to draw up things like say some cabinets or work bench. Fifty years ago I took a couple courses in drawing at the local community college but even the guys building moon landers hardly...
  9. kshansen

    Looking for comments on this, Condenser Tester?

    Not sure if this would be of use but just putting it out there for thoughts. It's from a Chainsaw forum but I'm thinking a Condenser is a Condenser. Looks easy enough to build even if I don't speak fluent Electronics. Maybe someone who does could give some added input as to if it would be...
  10. kshansen

    Way off topic question, Caulking shower stall?

    I know there are people on this site with a wide range of skills and real jobs so I thought that I would run this by the collective. About a dozen years ago we had an addition put on the house that included a bathroom for master bedroom. I could write a book on the problems that those SOB's...
  11. kshansen

    Something to Do in NY

    Anyone in Central NY who might be looking for something to do next weekend? Unfortunately I probably won't be going this year but has been a good event in the past. Basically they just let people bring bikes into the museum and display them right along with all the normal displays. For...
  12. kshansen

    What's Pi$$ing you off thread

    Could not easy find a place for this so thought I'd start one. If it is not acceptable fee free to delete and slap the back of my hand! Cell phones. Not for the reasons most here probably think of when that is brought up in a "What's pissing you off" thread. Tonight wife and I decided to do...
  13. kshansen

    Here's a deal of the day if ever there was one!

    I'm sure some one will jump on this one the second I post it! Such a cream puff and the artful way it is posed will surely grab your attention and wallet! Not to metion it has the rare and hard to find "automatic transmission"!
  14. kshansen

    New Project for Mailman!

    Was wasting some time on FaceBook Market place and found this: Thought it would be a good find for Mailman, just needs a little buffing! Price is very reasonable too! If nothing else he could display it as the "before" to his "after"!
  15. kshansen

    Way off topic for Yamaha XS650 List, but it is a Motorcycle!

    Wish there was the old list still around but as of now you people are the best source of ideas I know of. Don't expect a specific answer but just fishing for ideas. Today decided to go for wife to a nearby Drive-in-Hamburger stand for lunch. Her on her Vespa and me on the 1992...
  16. kshansen

    This is a good place to post a far out electrical problem on Cat loader

    Just heard the "solution" to a problem a guy on the Heavy Equipment Form I also hang out at was fighting with for a few months. I'll try to be brief but that never works for me! Any how the company he works for has like the place I worked has a requirement that main power switches to all...
  17. kshansen

    Toronto 2019 Bike Show.

    I wasn't there but saw a short video someone posted to YouTube and just happened to catch this picture or a XS650, well at least the engine is or was. Just wondering if anyone here owns it or knows of it. Picture is not the best, just a screen grab from the poorly lite video.
  18. kshansen

    Was looking for "Deal of the Day" folder but no luck!

    I had never payed any attention to the listings of things for sale in Facebook Market Place before tonight. And just for fun punched in "Yamaha xs650" and this one jumped out at me. I just hope there isn't a bidding war would not want anyone here to miss out on "The Deal of the Day"
  19. kshansen

    Am I just too cheap to Own an XS650? Tach/Speedo dampers for $9.90?

    Was looking to replace the rubber dampers that hold the speedo and tach in my 1982 XS650. I can almost accept the prices asked for the rubbers that fit around the outside of the instruments any where from $12 to $27. But when looking for the little rubbers on the mounting bolt many of the...
  20. kshansen

    1978 Sidecover Dampers?

    I know there are a few for sale on Epay but being a tight wad I just have a hard time spending $12.00 of a little bit or rubber that might be dry rotted from age even if in the original box! Was wondering if anyone has come up with a simple solution to replace one or two. I have some large...