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  1. Grimly

    Wheel bearings.

    Decent bearings last for 60K miles and more, from direct experience. In the past 30 years I've had to replace about two sets that felt dodgy, and they were in wheels I'd bought used, so no clue as to how they'd been treated before I got them. I wasn't impressed with the factory bearings...
  2. Grimly

    I fell off my XS650 'Fat Cast Brat' and I'd like your opinion.

    Get rid of that fat front tyre. It caused horrible understeer, which might have contributed to your off.
  3. Grimly

    Front Master Cylinder.

    Mine, with twin discs in Euro-spec, had the original 11/16" m/c which I replaced with a 14mm m/c after rebuilding the calipers. Brakes that made stoppies a near possiblity were the result. Unfortunately, there was too much free movement at the lever, caused by the old design of the calipers. So...
  4. Grimly

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    Blimey, I thought all the Phantoms had long gone. One story I read a few years ago was that one avionics upgrade had a console sticking out over the backseat guy's legs. Heaven help him if he tried to eject.
  5. Grimly

    NEW PRODUCT ALERT! XS650 Lexan Window Kits (Valves, Ignition, Advance)

    But the eyeballers on the pavement do.
  6. Grimly

    Miss November XS2 tribute

    10ga is only 5.26sq mm, which seems light to me. I'd use 10sq mm or even 16 if I had some around, which I do. That comes from hating thin welding cables as supplied, and immediately replacing them with beefier stuff, which gives me some useful battery leads for bikes.
  7. Grimly

    Video Thread

    Utter stupidity.
  8. Grimly

    Interesting Posts Today

    Bugger all down here
  9. Grimly

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    I see Enfield went to the trouble and sheer expense / ruinous extravagance of fitting a grommet, but it looks as though the loom has sagged onto the tyre.
  10. Grimly

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Can just imagine the PO. "I've got a new seat, lads. It's a lovely shade of light tan." "It's PINK, mate. You need your eyes tested!" <puts bike up for sale>
  11. Grimly

    Video Thread

    Do it right, do it with style...
  12. Grimly

    New to me XS 650...

    All springs are not the same. Meaure your old ones - the free length will be in the manual. Likely they've lost some strength / length. Fitting six heavy-duty ones will likely be overkill, perhaps all it needs is six factory fresh standard ones, or a mix of three std and three HD.
  13. Grimly

    81 xs650 bad sound when kick starting

    I hear a definite clunk at the bottom of the kick stroke in the first vid and it's still there (but quieter) in the last one. I'm more amazed at anyone kicking over one of these in their socks. OP, was that last vid with the plugs out?
  14. Grimly

    Mike's Tubular fork brace, whos running one?

    Regarding the provenance of the hoop-type brace, the UK bike mags of the '70s had adverts for the Muscle Brace which was identical to that. Whether they were the originals, I very much doubt. I suspect they simply revived it from somewhere else. All the same, there was a bit of hoo-hah about the...
  15. Grimly

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    Balls the size of tennis courts.
  16. Grimly

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    At least she didn't upchuck.
  17. Grimly

    Looking to replace rear shocks.

    Also be aware the budget range Hagons are not repairable once they leak, according to the factory. That being said, it's possible that somebody with the right tools could fix them, but if you weren't doing it yourself it would be hard to justify the cost of sending out a pair of cheap shocks.
  18. Grimly

    Is it my turn? Anything to do with lathes, mills and other shop tools

    I have an Evolution multi-material 210mm chop saw. It cuts through wood with nails in as if they weren't there and does a fairly good job of steel box section up to around 80mm square. Only thing is, the bed is a bit unsubstantial, but once the saw is properly bolted down to a proper bench...
  19. Grimly

    Jim's 1980 SG Miss September

    That crappy green Athena cardboard (I don't want to call it gasket paper, as I suspect a cornflakes box would have done a better job) was also responsible for much wailing and gnashing of teeth when it was used a base gasket in the Athena sets for the GS 850. Pretty effing annoying, having to...
  20. Grimly

    Interesting Posts Today

    Cover version of London Calling by Beton, a Uke band.