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  1. Jim

    May the 4TH Be With You.

  2. Jim

    What's the Worst Job You Ever Had?

    Rules: Multiple entries allowed. Dirty job, boring job... dangerous job... whatever. Any job you hated and would never do again. I'll go first... :wink2: When I retired from the Air Force in '94, aviation jobs were hard to come by. There had been a force drawdown a few yrs earlier and there was...
  3. Jim

    Research Discovers Why Some Drivers Do Not See Motorcyclists on the Road

    From here... Link. " After careful review of the data, Shel Silva recommended motorcyclists to make minor lane adjustments within their lane before making a maneuver or a turn. The idea is that drivers would have their attention captured by the additional movement, thus making riders more...
  4. Jim

    KC Chiefs fans rock!

    Were it more rivalries were like this....
  5. Jim

    Electric Vehicles, Hybrids...Battery tech... Land Air and Sea. Let's See 'em.

    I thought I'd start a discussion on electric power and the tech improvements that seem to come out daily now. Cars, trains and airplanes... motorcycles, bicycles... you name it, if it moves you (pun intended), let's see it. I know @gggGary has started several discussions on electric bikes and...
  6. Jim

    The Omega 1 IC Engine

    A claimed 160hp out of a 35lb engine. Sounds too good to be true huh? They claim to have a working prototype. I like the concept, but as we know, it's all in the execution. I'm skeptical, but it'll be worth keeping an eye on though.
  7. Jim

    Helmet Mounted Brake Light

    Have a look here. Anyone tried it?
  8. Jim

    High Ratio Primary Gears

    Does anyone still sell (make) the high ratio primary gear sets for our bikes? If you don't know what I'm referring to, have a look here. Image from The XS Cafe.
  9. Jim

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommit?!?

    But but but.... but... it spoke to me... :cautious: 'Sides... I ain't got enough projects.... yet. :rolleyes: It's a '68 BSA Victor Special (B44) Scrambler. Came up on Craigslist a little over a week ago. I even put it up here. Figured it'd be gone within a day. Last night it was still listed...
  10. Jim

    Halco Ascot TT. Ya Want One?

    I'll not go into the history of the bike here (or maybe I'll fill in the details at a later date), that's not my intent. Besides, if you know it, you'll already understand. The tooling to build the frames and such still exist. They're in storage in Devon England, owned by the gentlemen at Redmax...
  11. Jim

    BSA Motorcycles

    Move over Royal Enfield, there's a new kid old guy in town. BSA has recently been building a social media presence on all the major platforms. Ride Apart has just announced that BSA will have a presence at the annual Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham next month. Been rumblings for several...
  12. Jim

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 447 camshaft. Any condition.

    In need of a 36 tooth cam sprocket. anyone have a roached camshaft they want to part with?
  13. Jim

    PARALLEL TWIN: 360° vs 180° vs 270°

    Probably one of the best layman's explanation of the difference between 180°, 360° and 270° engines I've run across.
  14. Jim

    Feedback for EMira

    @EMira ... Good transaction. Fair price, prompt shipping and good communication. Had a minor glitch that he promptly made right. Two thumbs up!
  15. Jim

    Feedback for Sumo Rubber in Glasgow

    Ordered a sight glass for my DT from Sumo Rubber in Scotland. @Jackie O is our point of contact there. Part was in stock and promptly shipped the same day. Cost was reasonable. Sight glass just showed up today and it looks to be an exact reproduction. Very happy with the service. Thanks guys...
  16. Jim


    Being a gearhead and somewhat of a techie..... I want one. Just a toy maybe.... but still cool.
  17. Jim

    Rusting Batteries. Energy Storage Breakthrough?

    I can't really tell from what I've read if this is just vaporware or if they have a working model. Supposedly they have lab scale models, but they don't give any figures on it. If this is for real, it would go a long way to solving the intermittent nature of wind and solar. Gates and Bezos are...
  18. Jim

    BRAVE: Yet Another Web Browser

    My computer is old. How old? 'Bout 12 years. In computer years that makes it the equivalent of a '32 Ford Coup... except uglier. Like flying to the Moon using an abacus. Like.... well you get the idea. It's a Dell that came with Windows 7. I upgraded it to 8, then 8+ or whatever they called it...
  19. Jim

    You Cheap SOB You....

    Gun locks... pistol locks... breach... barrel locks.... whatever. Don't know what it's like in the rest of the country, but go to any police station in Kansas City and they will literally give you as many of these locks as you want... absolutely free. Here's the kicker... they never said I...
  20. Jim

    '74 DT250 Bitsa. The "Aussie Mutt."

    And We're Off... I've owned several DT's. More than I can remember actually. The last one was an early 70's 250 that I sold when I retired from the Air Force in '94. I've wanted another ever since. A year or two back I decided to get another one..... 'till I saw what they fetch nowadays. Seems...