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  1. DaveO

    Alternative way of fitting a clutch rod seal

    The common view on fitting a clutch rod seal is to dremel the place where it goes so that there is a chamfer or to use a de-burring tool. I watched the videos and read up on the procedure but just could bear the responsibility of grinding away material from the cases. I tried offering up the...
  2. DaveO

    Abandoned Holiday

    If it hadn't been for Corona Virus today I would be jetting to New York for a holiday. I've been to the US before. Four years ago a friend and I hired a winnebago in Las Vegas (in the UK we say camper van but ours don't compare) and we did the Grand Circle. Rode a horse, went to Page...
  3. DaveO

    Motorcycling Dogs, Sidecars, Wandering About

    I made a trip to the West Coast a couple of years ago. The two of us started at Las Vegas and toured the Grand Circle in a Winnebago. I think I came to the forum and asked a few questions before I went. Can't find the posts but, as ever, you were all very helpful. But it occurred to me that I...
  4. DaveO

    What's the best oil for my motorcycle

    Saw this and thought of you lot. Dave
  5. DaveO

    The Powder Monkey

    Backstory - I was arranging in another thread to meet someone in the Powder Monkey, a pub in Devon. The Powder Monkey in question in this particular pub @MaxPete was a woman. I'll come back here and post the story once I've checked it out. But while you're waiting @MaxPete - I moved to Devon...
  6. DaveO

    So git 'er Done

    After posting photos some time ago about a repair to my tacho I was asked "how is this holding up?". I had to admit that since doing it I had made little progress. In fact the repair probably was part of my prevarication. (No-one needs a tacho.) I was also shocked to find out how long ago it...
  7. DaveO

    Early (1974 / 75) late (post 1977) brake calliper compatability

    Hi there I have a 1975 xs650B with a Nissin 13/16" bore front master cylinder. There's a previous thread from about two years ago discussing this. Seems like the 13/16" rebuild kits aren't available. So I've found a source for complete new master cylinders and I'm happy with this. I plan to...
  8. DaveO

    Original Bars for XS650B

    My bike has straight bars at the minute but I wanted to see if I can now live with the wide originals. I think they look cool. :bike: But when I got them down I found that both bar ends were plugged with what looks like weld. I wanted to swap out the straight bars and keep the screw in bar...
  9. DaveO

    Repair of Tachometer

    Was pretty pleased that the bike started easily even if the excessive revs had me leaping to turn the ignition off. What I was less pleased about was the tacho needle leaping all over the place to the extent that I was sure it would be seriously damaged. After a lot of sucking of teeth I went...
  10. DaveO

    US Weather in the Las Vegas area

    Hi there I've a mate who is planning to do a US trip in a camper van (RV??) picking one up in the Las Vegas area and touring around for a fortnight. It occurred to me to ask here about the best time for him to do this. In the UK the temperature varies between just below zero in the winter...
  11. DaveO

    XS650B - Left hand and right hand cables

    Hi there I've done a search and I have a manual (It's in one of twenty cardboard boxes, possibly) so be gentle if this is a much answered question. The bike fired up and after a while the revs went through the roof. Closer inspection showed damaged cables. (As the bike hasn't run in five...