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  1. ThatXS650Guy

    Alternative to earbuds?

    I have a Quiet Ride which I like but it does have a few annoyances. I ran across this and wondered if anyone had tried it. Interesting concept: I am thinking of trying it...
  2. ThatXS650Guy

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Triumph Bonneville rear shocks

    These are Triumph shocks that have already been modified with the correct bushings to fit my 1979 XS650 Special. I put about 3,000 miles on these. Approx. 13 1/2" eye to eye. $40 plus the ride.
  3. ThatXS650Guy

    XS650 on BaT

    Clean XS650 went on BaT. Didn't do too badly IMO. The comments on this site are always entertaining.
  4. ThatXS650Guy

    For Sale - HHB 2" drop for 35MM forks

    Decided to go with just a 1" drop. I could have just cut these down to 1" or whatever drop I wanted but... So these are good for any drop from 1/2 to 2". $20 plus the ride or I can bring them to the YVR.
  5. ThatXS650Guy

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Regulator & Rectifier

    Working when I took them off my '79 Special. I was going to toss them but in case someone needs them... You pay for the ride...
  6. ThatXS650Guy

    Cam Chain tensioner rod question

    Had a mishap the other day when my cam chain tensioner backed out while I was riding. Lost a bit of oil but was able to get it back in and keep going. I have it out today to assess any damage and I cannot get the proper "flush" adjustment. Taking it out it seems my tensioner rod is not long...
  7. ThatXS650Guy

    Wanted - Tachometer

    Hey does anyone have a working tach for 79 Special? Mine has had it... Thanks, Jim
  8. ThatXS650Guy

    Modifying Stock Airbox

    Hey Gang, I have the stock air box out of my '79 Special while I am working on the new seat/tank combo. This thing weighs a ton and seems unnecessarily restrictive. Has anyone modified these to flow/sound a little better or reduce the weight? I am not ready to move to pods yet and I will...
  9. ThatXS650Guy

    For Sale - SS Brake line

    SS Brake line with a straight end and a 15* end. Both ends are on the same plane. Approx 31 1/2" long. I used it for a while on the front brake but I needed one with the ends rotated 180* because I used the HHB front MC. I'll let it go cheap, $10 plus the ride. Item is SOLD.
  10. ThatXS650Guy

    For Sale - 79 Special Custom seat SOLD

    This is the old gawd-awful king and queen seat cut down with new foam. I tried to get the seat as flat as possible. It's the side-hinge style but I am not including the hinges or clasp since I am using them for my new café seat. The cover is like new and professionally installed. Cost me $100...
  11. ThatXS650Guy

    Make Offer - chain and sprocket set 17/34

    Only 1,567 documented miles. Non-o-ring, gold plates. Not sure of the brand. Not looking for a much more than a six pack of good beer. You pay for the ride...
  12. ThatXS650Guy

    Turn Signal Repair

    Hey Gang, Getting pretty close on my 650 but need to get the turn signals sorted. The three solder points came "unsoldered". Any tips to getting these back on? Soldering is a skill I have not yet acquired. Seems like you need three hands to solder anything... Below is a pic. The vice grips are...
  13. ThatXS650Guy

    retorqued head now Base gasket leaking

    Ok. So I followed the advice from the board and re-torqued my head. It runs great but I have oil seeping/streaming from my base gasket. I may have screwed up when I took the head nuts off because I took the opportunity to replace the old rubber washers with brass washers and also to replace the...
  14. ThatXS650Guy

    For Sale - BS34 Carb holders

    Ugh. Bought these for my 79 w/BS38 carbs. came all the way from Japan and cost me $34. They have the barbs for the petcocks. Brand new and I'll include four SS socket head bolts. 15$ plus the ride. I'll post a pic as soon as photobucket starts cooperating. :banghead:
  15. ThatXS650Guy

    Mid Controls and Exhaust

    Hey Gang, I want to mount some OSS mid controls on my '79 Special. The problem I run into is the stock exhaust on the right side interferes with the modified brake lever. I need to replace the exhaust anyway since it the cans are rusting out. The question I have is, if I get the headers by...
  16. ThatXS650Guy

    Coil replacement

    Hey Gang, I have been working on the 79 Special little by little and have been taking it out for short trips around the house. It's a really fun bike to ride. The problem is I have come home a few time son just one cylinder. The right side cuts out after a short while. When I limp home and test...
  17. ThatXS650Guy

    For Sale - Standard seatcover

    Used standard seat cover in pretty good shape. No cuts or holes. I was going to use it on my hacked up special seat but I went a different route. $20 plus the ride.
  18. ThatXS650Guy

    Vietnamese rearsets

    Hey Gang, I bought these rearsets on eBay for cheap. The quality is not bad but I wonder about the fit. I think the linkage is supposed to hang down but since I have the stock exhaust that is not going to work. I have to mount the linkage on top. Here is the right side: The old peg mount is...
  19. ThatXS650Guy

    Oil filter guard

    Hey just doing a oil change and cleaning the oil sump filter. It was in pretty good shape but I made a guard for it anyway. Good enough or should I use something a little more substantial?
  20. ThatXS650Guy

    2015 Ozarks Rally

    This hit my inbox from the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club.