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  1. 650Skull

    ANZAC Day 2022

    Maybe it a good time to reflect on the folly of War and what it means to be living in a country that is not suffering from the ravages of war. Be thankful for our freedoms but do not take our freedom for granted. There are those that use our freedoms to undermine its value and will take our...
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    Petrol prices

    Last Monday, (Sunday for you guys in the States), when i finished my morning job at around 7.30AM i stopped at my local Service Station to get a drink. .........Petrol for Unleaded standard 87 was $1.91.9 cpl, (cents per liter), ...............went past 4 hours later and it was $1.95.9...
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    A real Boxer
  4. 650Skull

    Some cool Astrophotography
  5. 650Skull

    The Green Planet

    BBC have another series on the planet being presented by David Attenborough now............. Episode 4 is especially interesting, all about deserts and cacti feature a lot. Some still shots
  6. 650Skull

    Cool clothing for hot climate

    Any of you guys who ride through the winter with the summers being to hot to ride in, ever thought about, or used any gear like this. If so does it work or what do you think Pros/Cons.
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    11th hour of the 11th day

    In Flanders Fields the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row. That mark our place, and in the sky the larks still bravely singing, fly scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead, short days ago we lived, fell dawn, saw sunset glow, loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders...
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    Classic cars coverted to EV's
  9. 650Skull

    Clever Dog

    I was on Av-rider and came across this in their Mans best friend thread.
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    Came across this on Oz fleeceBay today, rang the guy to get the Vin no's and it is sold. What is it......Someone has been duped
  11. 650Skull

    Z650 RS

    Would you, Nice mid-range size with 67 ponies.
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    Battery basics and EV battery technoligy

    Post no 7
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    Laser Cleaning
  14. 650Skull

    Calculate your riding stance

    Handy riding stance calculator when changing to another bike and comparing the riding position. Can also calculate the change of the handle bars to calculate the change of your hip knee and stance angle.
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    Motor vehicle Insurance

    I raised a question based on vehicle insurance and if an insurance company will void the policy if modifications are done to the vehicle, bike or car.......... Question is. what does your countries insurance policy's,small print include exclusions based on modifications to vehicles and to what...
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    Toa - ongoing baby Orca rescue
  17. 650Skull

    For Sale - ...... STOLEN

    Don't know where best to put this so its here for the moment. WARNING..........Be on the look out for this guy just in case he comes to look at yours Over on Stromtrooper a guy was selling his 2012 DL1000. Guy came and took it for a test ride and never came back, (check out second link below...
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    Stolen bike
  19. 650Skull

    Counterfeit Denso Spark Plugs

    Over on StromTrooper, a guy clanged the plugs on his V-Strom. The bike started acting up, vibrating like crazy. Finally put another set of new ones in and the problem was resolved. This PDF from Denso, was bought to the threads attention so i thought i would re-post here for a heads up.
  20. 650Skull

    Favourite back yard loops/ride

    I'v been posting pics, of my local ride, and have never showcased the area I live, so i thought I would post a proper route of the local loops I do, also showcases the country scenery Does anyone have there small or not so small, 1/2 hour, 1 hour, or more, runs just because you can/want/need to...