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  1. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Time to part with my beloved bobber. I bought this four years ago and have gone through this bike front to back EVERTHING has been rebuilt. New wheel bearings, rebuilt front caliper, new pads, new brake master cylinder & hydraulic lines, speedo, rebuilt forks w/ new seals, removed excess tabs...
  2. Georelle

    Engine Overhaul, yamabond use and other tips please.

    So I am still working on the overhaul. A little back ground. The motor was making a rattle noise at about 60-65mph(and other speeds at similar rpm) and the seals were leaking. When I took it apart I found a few metal pieces under the right side cover, which RetiredGentleman helped to identify...
  3. Georelle

    Engine Overhaul to Cure Rattle, Debris Found, Help

    Well I finally decided to overhaul the motor on my 76 bobber. It was running well and has plenty of compression but there was a rattle. I would get a rattle at a certain RPM, unfortunately I am not sure of the RPM because I don't have a tach. But it would do it right around 60mph and if I...