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  1. Mailman

    Mailman’s Suzuki C50 Boulevard

    I’m starting a new thread for my Suzuki, anything I do to it from now on will be posted here. I made an interesting discovery today, I knew the bike had emissions equipment on it, like air injection and catalytic converters, but I was surprised to find that my bike is a California only model...
  2. Mailman

    Mailman’s new bike!

    Selling my bikes was something I had been thinking about for some time now. There’s no getting around the fact that I’m getting older and my riding days are not unlimited, I wanted one last new bike. A gift to myself. The truth is , my first intent was to buy a late model cruiser with low miles...
  3. Mailman

    Introducing Yamaha’s entire 2022 cruiser lineup!

    Yup! Nada! Zip! Ziltch! The entire Star line of V Twins went the way of the Dodo. They have that huge V Twin dresser Harley clone listed in its own category as a “trans Continental tourer” The little pee wee v twin 250 and the 950 bolt spec are the only survivors and they are now...
  4. Mailman

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 1977 XS650D Sold Sold Sold!

    Yes, I’m selling my bikes to make room for what’s next. :) I’ll still be around. 1977 Yamaha XS650D $3800 Starts right up and runs great. This would make an excellent daily rider that can reliably get to work and back every day. The bike was thoroughly gone through in 2018 and has been...
  5. Mailman

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 1972 XS2 XS650 SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Well here we go! Yes it’s true sports fans, I’m selling my bikes in order to clear up room in my garage and have a little money in my pocket so I can move on to something new. I’m not going anywhere, I’m learning from Gary, out with the old and in with the new. :D So without further ado, 1972...
  6. Mailman

    Facebook is a pain in the ass!

    Ever since Craigslist started charging to post vehicle ads, a lot of people switched to Facebook Marketplace. A lot of times when I follow a link to a motorcycle ad on Facebook, it won’t show the listing unless you sign into Facebook. If I do manage to get on to Facebook Marketplace, it will...
  7. Mailman

    Are these bikes ever really done?

    So three years ago, this was me, proudly ( and foolishly ) proclaiming that I had finished my year long restoration of my XS2, Since that day, I have managed to put roughly 3600 miles on it, not really all that much. The first year was like being on a honeymoon, it was all smiles all the...
  8. Mailman

    The worlds most famous motorcycle photo

    Rollie Free on his way to a world record 150 mph in 1948 To protect himself and allow comfort when in such a position, Free had developed special protective clothing. However, when his leathers tore from early runs at 147 mph (237 km/h), he discarded them and made a final attempt without a...
  9. Mailman

    1970’s Honda XL250

    Back in the early 70’s, I owned a ‘72 Honda XL250. Even though it was a street legal enduro, the one I owned was an off road only used dirt bike that a high school kid could afford. When I bought it, it had an reverse cone open exhaust, all the lights removed, a foam air filter sock that used...
  10. Mailman

    This makes me happy!

    When I Google Marbles Motors, ( you know the company that took a lot of my money then installed a gas tank liner that melted and ruined my freshly built engine, then did a shitty warranty repair that rendered the gas tank completely useless , and then tried to deny that it was even their work...
  11. Mailman

    Results: Mecham vintage motorcycle auction in Las Vegas 2022

    Edit: Go to post #6 for results Brit bikes, race bikes, classic Japanese bikes, custom chopper……..they got em all!
  12. Mailman

    Anyone recognize this bike? Was he ever a member here?

    I ran across this build and the guy did really impressive work. This is a link to a Flickr page where the guy documented this build, 500 photos! Very nice! :geek:
  13. Mailman

    Kickstarting by hand

    Real men kickstart their bikes by hand…..well at least this Canadian did. Robin from Ontario, could start this bike pictured , by hand. I’m still amazed. Too soon gone, never forgotten, our old friend.
  14. Mailman

    115 years of motorcycling

    Celebrating two birthdays today, my XS2 was born in November 1971, 50 years ago. :) And I was born on this day 65 years ago. Add ‘em together and you’ve got 115 years. Woohoo! If I were to add my other 650 in there at 44 years old, the number would be 159! I know some of the guys here...
  15. Mailman

    Boyer Bransden Ignition installation on my XS2

    I just wanted to post some of the highlights of my Boyer installation on my XS2. This is the Boyer Micro Power kit for the XS650 that includes a micro coil , spark plug leads, and caps. I purchased this to replace my Pamco ignition with built in advance, that was failing. I did a lot of...
  16. Mailman

    Holy Custom Batman! Can you guess the Batbikes?

    Can you guess the motorcycles that the Batbikes were based on? :bike:The first one is easy, The very first Batbike. The next generation Batbike, And let’s not forget, Batgirl! I’ll post the answers later, gotta run!
  17. Mailman

    Product review, self soldering heat shrink connectors

    So a while back I bought a box of self soldering heat shrink connectors in assorted sizes from Amazon. I tried them for the first time today, I made three wire connections. At first I thought they did a pretty good job, they looked to be tinned over the connection and I really liked the way...
  18. Mailman

    A Question about aftermarket electronic ignitions

    I’ve wondered this before, when looking at aftermarket electronic ignitions and just recently again when I was shopping for my Boyer ignition. The British bike aftermarket has more choices in ignitions, but why? Why won’t an ignition unit made for a Norton or BSA or Triumph twin work exactly the...
  19. Mailman

    Finding Peter Egan

    If you spent endless days thumbing through all the old motorcycle magazines , as I did, you no doubt knew who Peter Egan is. Like many others, I was a huge fan of Mr. Egan and looked forward to his monthly articles , his wit and his humor. When he abruptly retired years ago, making some veiled...
  20. Mailman

    Sticker shock!

    I’ve spent the better part of the day shopping from my recliner for two things, tires for my wife’s car and a folding multi purpose ladder ( think Little Giant ). Everything has gotten so expensive! The car is a little econo box Toyota, the tires are not huge. Half of tires I was interested...