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  1. Georelle

    Wanted - Mufflers

    I have a set of stock mufflers off a '76. They are not in too bad of shape. One of them has a loose baffle inside. I have read a post while back on fixing that. I can take pictures and send if you are interested. Georelle
  2. Georelle

    Xs gold mine!!!! found in va beach!!!

    I had a bike given to me that was obtained this exact way. Unfortunately not an XS 650. The clean up company found a 78 Honda CM 185. The owner of the company gave it to a friend of mine and he gave it to me. I submitted a title request to the South Dakota DMV, They checked the background and...
  3. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    I have lowered the price on the local CL to $2900.00 & taking reasonable offers. I would like to sell this bike with out going on ebay.
  4. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    I have had a couple request to hear how the bike sounded so I have uploaded a video on Youtube.
  5. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Welcome Robbo. The only thing I might change if I was to do it again is the top rear shock mount. I think I would weld a U bracket on top of the rear frame then just bolt the shock to that. I welded a pipe to the top of the frame and then welded a nut inside of that to bolt the shock to. Georelle
  6. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Thanks for the compliments. The front end is stock. The only mods I did was cut the tabs off the fork lowers that aren't needed and got rid of anything else not needed. I cut the tabs off with a grinder and sanded them smooth. Then I just gave them a brushed look with a green 3m pad. Real easy...
  7. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Thanks. Those are the shortest shocks mikesxs sells.
  8. Georelle

    Let's See The XS's

    Billy That is a nice looking 650. What is up with that right side cover???? What can you tell us about that?
  9. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Finishing up the initial build. The archived album on 650Rider. Cheers!
  10. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Thanks Cap'n Its a lot of fun to ride as well. Georelle
  11. Georelle

    For Sale - '76 Softail Bobber.

    Time to part with my beloved bobber. I bought this four years ago and have gone through this bike front to back EVERTHING has been rebuilt. New wheel bearings, rebuilt front caliper, new pads, new brake master cylinder & hydraulic lines, speedo, rebuilt forks w/ new seals, removed excess tabs...
  12. Georelle

    Wanted - Xs 650

    Found this in the Sioux Falls Craigs list; There is no title. Not too sure about ND but getting a title in SD is not too hard. I have done it cost all of 5 dollars for them to check the back ground on it and say ok you can have a title. I will...
  13. Georelle

    New guy, 1980 Home Today!

    Nice. That exhaust is pretty cool too. I would probably start with rebuilding the carbs. It is going to need it sooner or later any way. Georelle
  14. Georelle

    Thinking about downgrading to a VX800.

    Hey Classic. I don't have the VX800 but I do have an 2002 VZ800 Marauder. I really wasn't too familiar with the VX800 until I googled it after reading your post. The style of bikes is different but I am sure the motors are basically the same. I love the Marauder the engine runs smooth and has...
  15. Georelle

    One hell of a first week!! longish...with pics

    Welcome. Looks like a good score. That is a pretty good place to start from. Check it all over good then do as you said and tear it down and rebuild it. Sounds like you have the bug, I can relate. Have fun Georelle
  16. Georelle

    xs bobber/chopper with stock tank

    I stuck with the stock tank on mine. It is nice to have the stock rubber mounts. If you go through the gallery you will find some others as well. Georelle
  17. Georelle

    Need your help to get my chopper running right again.

    I am with RG on this. With straight pipes and pod filters you should not be running stock jets. You probably need to go a couple sizes bigger. What do your spark plugs look like?
  18. Georelle

    Disassembling '78 forks

    I guess I did get lucky. My '76 does not have the 17mm socket inside. the top of the internal part is round with a flat spot on either side.
  19. Georelle

    Disassembling '78 forks

    If you have access to an air impact wrench that works the easiest. You don't need to hold the inside tube. I took an old spare allen wrench the correct size and cut it off long enough so it would reach the bolt on the bottom of the fork then I put a socket on the impact that fit the allen wrench...
  20. Georelle

    Kicker arms/pedals other than stock

    This is a pretty easy mod. No welding and only costs about $5.00.