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  1. Leslie

    79 Whirring sound !!!!!!

    I have a weird whirring sound coming from the motor, the motor runs ok and smooth other than this irritating whirring noise, any ideas's
  2. Leslie

    "God Bless The Queen"

    Been a great couple of days here in North Nottinghamshire "Sherwood Forest" which is dotted with 20th century pit villages, in my community the Queen has strong support and is well loved, same as the rest of the world we have the odd communist/labour supporters who hate everything English, but...
  3. Leslie

    For Sale - Twin caliper set up with left/hand bracket

    For sale a set of front callipers will fit several bikes, please check before buying. I have converted my 79 XS650 into a twin disc set up(Purely for aesthetic reasons). I ended up with 4 callipers, the left hand mounting bracket is included and other bits as per photos the left side is the rare...
  4. Leslie

    Twin disc XS left hand side

    Hi could anyone send post an image of the left hand caliper set up that will allow me to zoom into.
  5. Leslie

    Sold / Found / Inactive - XS front Calliper & Bracket newly powder coated

    For sale a calliper & mounting bracket with a few other components, just been powder coated gloss black. I have converted my 79 XS650 to a twin disc set up. I have this right hand calliper and bracket blasted and coated along with my twin disc callipers to sell on. the calliper will fit several...
  6. Leslie

    Make Offer - Yamaha Carburettor manifold kit NOS

    For sale a new old stock Yamaha carburettor manifold kit as per photos, please check parts fit your bike Gaskets; 3G1-13556 L-Joint; 3G1-13586-00-00 R-Joint; 3G1-13596-00-00 boot; 3G1-13564-00 boot; 3G1-13594-00 Any Questions please ask
  7. Leslie

    Wanted - Twin Front brake set up

    Hi I am after any components to make my front end a twin disc set up, and remain aesthetically Yamaha, anything including the brake hose splitter
  8. Leslie

    New Project started

    I picked up, 79 partly converted into a street XS, the Lad who owned her had already started on the bike. I will be changing her to a Gauloise replica from the seventies, (hopefully). The handle bars are first, replaced the silver bars for my gold fatbars, I know I am such a bling bitch but...
  9. Leslie

    1979 CV34 crabs

    My bike has an after market petcock on, i have bought a NOS from the US. can anyone tell me if the spigot at the bottom goes to fuel the CV34s and the one on the back of the tap with the black cap i would imagine it attaches to the CV34s vacuum am I correct.
  10. Leslie

    1979 CV carbs will not idle

    Lads the bike has the standard carbs Mikuni CV she starts up on full choke after several turns of the engine on the start button, when i switch the choke off after a few minutes she dies and will not tick over, any suggestions, the previous owner had the carb ultrasonically cleaned, i'm thinking...
  11. Leslie

    Wanted - 79 front brake calipers

    Has anyone got a set of front brake calipers for a 79 bike
  12. Leslie

    Wanted - 1979 left % right calipers

    Has anyone got a set of front brake calipers for a 79 bike
  13. Leslie

    OEM V Heiden Tuning sump filter

    Can anyone tell me the difference, between the OEM & the Heiden sump filter, and is the Heiden filter re-usable.
  14. Leslie

    Picked my 1979 XS650 up from beautiful county Durham

    Picked my new bike up today, spent 5 hours on the Queens highway but as always when it involves a bike, well worth it
  15. Leslie

    Wanted - K&N/RAM air filters CV carbs

    Hi is anyone selling a pair of K&N filters/RAM for the standard CV carbs Leslie
  16. Leslie

    TX650 swing arm

    Hi, can a cast wheel fit into the rear swing arm of a spoked wheeled TX650
  17. Leslie

    TX650 XS650

    What are the differences between the TX and XS
  18. Leslie

    XS650 Wanted 1970s

    Hi, i am after a XS650, must be running and UK regeistered. I retire in March and i require a project and i like the XS as a bike.
  19. Leslie

    For Sale - SR 500

    Hi, I have found an Yamaha SR 500, it has been in a shed for 30 years (Family bereavement ), it is all there I have picked it up today. It is a T reg and the engine turns over. The frame & engine numbers match I don't want a lot for it but am open to offers.
  20. Leslie

    For Sale - A pair of Redwing Hammer head rear shocks

    Lads, I am selling my Hammerheads as I have sourced a set of Ohlin's, I am open to sensible offers. I can post to North America leslie