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    Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius

    I had a problem with a wooden gate and a latch like yours. The posts would sag and knock the latch out of alignment. I cut a treated 2x4 and wedged it between the posts at ground level. This was a simple "fix" but it worked. BTW, that is a beautiful fence. What did you nail the shingles to?
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    Most memorable bike you've owned

    I wish I still had my Bultaco's. Matador and Alpina. They weren't fast but were great to ride anywhere and so light. I always wanted to take one over a Volkswagen but never did. Tt
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    Stolen bike

    This same story happened here many years ago. Not to me but I heard about it. I have let a buyer ride my bike but I was on his bike that he rode up on. :-) I have let folks take a car for a test ride but I kept his license. Tt
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    Selling a bike / how to handle test rides?

    I don't believe asking to leave a driver's license is asking too much. I know of at least one bike stolen when a friend dropped off the potential buyer and neither came back with the bike. I have been asking for a driver's license since the late 70's. I don't want an idiot riding my bike so if...
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    cheap 2-stroke oil?

    I used Klotz in the 70's in my mx250 Yamaha. In the process of trying to trade with a guy, the cable to the injector pump broke and it stayed at idle. I had mixed a tiny bit of Klotz in with 5 gallons of gas in a can I sent with the bike. It never seized or seemed to wear when I got it back...
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    UPDATE: my Phase 3 COVID19 vaccine trial experience

    I found my vaccination by looking in rural Ohio. No spots in the city but I found plenty at a CVS in a small town. Look rural. Tt
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    UPDATE: my Phase 3 COVID19 vaccine trial experience

    I got a Pfizer vaccination Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. Sore arm where jabbed. Both looking forward and dreading the second shot in three weeks. Interesting, I drove 75 miles outside of town into the rural area of Ohio to find an available spot. They had plenty of openings. Tt
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    cold lh exhaust at startup idle

    It almost surely is the idle jet. Pull out the mixture screw and use the little tube and spray carb cleaner to blast inside. Wait and do it a few more times. With luck it will melt and force out any blockage. Drain the float bowl after. This is the absolute, no brainer, don't worry about...
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    Mosfet Regulator?

    That is good information. I was naive enough to think mosfet meant series. Of course it could be a common shunt regulator with a mosfet. Well I needed a regulator anyhow and this was only $27. Tt
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    Mosfet Regulator?

    Will a mosfet regulator work with a capacitor? My SR500 could use a better regulator and I was able to score a 5 wire regulator on Amazon. But since the mosfet works different it could need a battery instead of a capacitor The SR has a 3 phase permanent magnet alternator like some modded XS...
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    UPDATE: my Phase 3 COVID19 vaccine trial experience

    I can't wait for my jab. Ohio is going nuts, it is everywhere! Just as the vaccine becomes available it would be a colossal joke to come down with covid. I'm more worried now than ever. Tt, 70+ and already can't breathe.
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    what's the ideal compression ratio?

    The US is R + M octane which is about 5 points lower than research octane alone. Your 98 is my 93. The 100 is R + M or about 105 R. You may find it interesting that I use water injection for detonation control on my roots supercharged Miata. It is a very powerful anti detonate. Tt
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    what's the ideal compression ratio?

    I know a fellow from California who races an SR500 with high compression. He was using high octane race fuel and then tuned his carb for E-85 pump gas. I warned him about varying percentages of ethanol and learned that due to the hot temperatures of California the percentage is constant. This...
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    Are you "That guy" in your neighborhood? Hey *&* died, I bought a new one, you want it?

    I think that Evinrude is a 1956. I have a smaller 3 hp. with the same color livery. Very nice shape from the looks of it. Check lower unit for water when you drain it as the seal tends to get cut by monofilament fishing line. The water pump impellor will have its blades bent from sitting. Turn...
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    Hotwire with pamco ignition?

    Wait, did you say one cylinder failed? Did you say you had a single waste spark coil? One cylinder cannot fail to fire as both plugs fire at the same time. You could have a short to ground in the failed cylinder. Firing but not through the plug. The plug could be fouled in the failed cylinder...
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    Phosphoric acid for rust on chrome parts

    Phosphoric acid is what gives cola its sharp taste. It also leaves iron phosphate over the surface so the part doesn't rust as fast as it does with HCL. It is used to Parkerise gun parts. Phosphoric is the best! Where can we get it? Tt
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    Broken chain mystery

    Okay, so I'm still one of the bike riders from the 1960's when I had no money. If you look at a worn sprocket you will see machine marks on the unpowered side. Many sprockets can be flipped when the new chain is installed. I look for chain lube that is like solvent when applied so it penetrates...
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    TCI Replacement 2020 It Works

    Back at the beginning of time (timing?) I read about pickups being used to advance timing. A pickup was made with the iron part the magnet swings past like an upside down stair. The idle would be closest to the magnet and this would trigger the transistor at low speed. As the rpm increased the...
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    I'm Throwing in the towel...

    Engine for sale on columbus ohio craigslist. Tt
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    Do you dream of owning an unridable ridiculous motorcycle?

    No foot pegs! 620 miles of walking it I guess. Tt