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  1. Kyleshep49

    Gas tank stickers or graphics

    I need some ideas for how to finish my gas tank and back. Kinda want just Yamaha On the sides but also want it to just look like a bad ass flat tracking bike. Maybe like how we do the moto bikes with sponsors down the back fender area? Idk just curious if people could post some pics of different...
  2. Kyleshep49

    81 XS650 running but have issues

    So i purchased this 81 in pieces about 6 months ago and have been piecing it together and upgrading same time. No idea the history of it. I did the PMA kit from mikes with the electronic ignition. I wired the bike from scratch with no starter kick only. I also installed a carb kit on the 34s...
  3. Kyleshep49

    Aftermarket rear master cylinder mounting for disk brake

    Hello i am new here, currently building a 81 xs650 into a street tracker. I race flat track sometimes in Miami and i got this bike a while ago. I’m trying to build a racer mainly but still have it street legal. The old owner had started the process of rear disk conversion with the 19 front mag...