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  1. Bewarethemoon

    Old nuts, new(er) nuts

    Did the fixings change over the years or at they same from start to end of production? I’m referring mainly to the valve cover nuts, exhaust nuts… Daniel.
  2. Bewarethemoon

    Pipe Dreams or Dream Pipes?

    I know this has been discussed from time to time before but I thought I'd go ahead and create a specific thread anyway. So I'm approaching the stage in my build where I'm looking into exhaust design. I'm not looking for styling cues as I'm set on TT style pipes and I'm sure it will come as no...
  3. Bewarethemoon

    Swingarm Measurement

    Can anybody offer up the measurement between the forks? I need to open mine up using a bottle jack as it’s closed up a touch after the welding during the ‘cleaning-up’ process. For some reason 215.0 is stuck in my head. Thanks in advance for any help offered!
  4. Bewarethemoon

    Engine Mounts

    So as some of you may have noticed I like a bit of R&D and I've been toying with designing engine mounts for my build for a couple of years now. I think Hugh Ownings did a real nice job and there's not much to be improved upon, certainly not aesthetically, but I would still like to have a go...
  5. Bewarethemoon

    Bronze Swingarm Bushings

    Can anybody recommend a good source for Bronze Swingarm Bushings? I emailed MMM and he doesn’t have any? Heiden will be selling the same as MikesXS? I’m sure I read some people have concerns with the depths of the spiral grease groove in some offerings. Shall I just have my own made to...
  6. Bewarethemoon

    Anybody with an engineering eye corroborate this for me please???

    Am I correct in thinking that this is held in place with a rivet and will need drilling out to disassemble? Daniel
  7. Bewarethemoon

    Rear Master Cylinder Mounting Hole Distances

    Can anyone running a disc brake on the rear (or even just have an old master cylinder laying around) let me know the distances between the mounting holes, either on the frame or unit itself? Thanks for any help offered. Daniel.
  8. Bewarethemoon

    Clutch Push-Rod Assistance Please!!!

    I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with my hydraulic clutch slave cylinder thread. I’m refining the design before initiating a production run and I need a little help. I know I should of recorded this data myself before disassembling my engine but I got carried away! I could really use an...
  9. Bewarethemoon

    Cheque books at the ready boys...

    Bidding starts tomorrow GMT
  10. Bewarethemoon

    Oil Passageways Diagram???

    I’m sure it’s not a figment of my imagination but I’m positive I’ve seen a diagram illustrating the oil passageways in the crank case? It would be extremely useful to me in the rebuild process and if anybody can help I’d be grateful. Daniel.
  11. Bewarethemoon

    Shift Drum Removal

    I’m down the bare bones of my crank case disassembly. Having a little trouble getting the ‘pins’ out the shift forks, I’ve gotten two of three out but one is fighting me. Anybody got and tips or advice? Daniel.
  12. Bewarethemoon

    Casing Stud Adhesive

    I’ve recently removed all the studs from the crank cases prior to sending them out for bead blasting. When the time comes to reinsert the studs what adhesive compound would you gentlemen recommend? Something from the Loctite range or something else? Any ideas what Yamaha used in the factory...
  13. Bewarethemoon

    XS1 Cylinder Head Valve Seats

    Can anybody point me in the direction of the information relating to the above, in particular that the XS1 valve seats aren’t hardened? I know I’ve read about it on here but can’t for the life of me find it again. Daniel.
  14. Bewarethemoon

    Removal of Crank Case Studs

    Anybody have any tips or tricks on the above? Trying to remove prior to bead blasting the cases. I’ve tried heat and using two nuts backed against each other, finding the smaller M8 nuts starting to round. Any help or insight much appreciated! Daniel.
  15. Bewarethemoon

    Billet Clutch Basket

    Anybody know much about these? I’m contemplating having one machined and wondering if it’s as simple as copying the original or are there alterations to be made? If anybody can offer any help it would be hugely appreciated as I’m drawing a blank on this. I know forum member INXS posted...
  16. Bewarethemoon

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all, I hope everyone’s managed to have the best day they can in these strange times! I just wanted to share how spoilt I’ve been by my amazing partner and I thought it would be appreciated by you guys on here. I’m as happy with it as I look and can’t wait to get it into it’s...
  17. Bewarethemoon

    Home Blasting Setup

    I’ve been a little quiet on here of late and not made any progress worth mentioning with my build. I’ve moved into a new place with the missus and understandably been a little preoccupied with an endless list of chores. I finally have my own small workshop though and I’ve managed to save a...
  18. Bewarethemoon

    MT-07 DT

    I’m probably quite late to the party here but I stumbled across this last night and thought it was worth sharing with the class. I’d love to know more about the bike! I watched the race...
  19. Bewarethemoon

    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    I’ve spent a little time researching hydraulic clutches and I think it’s something I’d like to incorporate on my build. I’ve always been intrigued by this modification in my short time on this journey with the XS650 and it’s something I’ve always mentally logged when seen it mentioned on here...
  20. Bewarethemoon

    Engine Mounting Bolt Dimensions

    Can anybody help me with working out the lengths of various engine mounting bolts, predominately the bolts that locate through the frame and engine? Part #’s 19, 21, 22 & 24 Any help anyone can offer if always hugely appreciated! Daniel.