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  1. the Norwegian

    Electrical problem in the middle of the season.

    So, in the middle of the ridingseason (here in Norway it is pretty short) and i got this problem with the electrical system. I was out riding when the power to the coil dissapered suddenly, i have checked the switch on the handlebar and it looks ok, but no power reaching the switch. I i am...
  2. the Norwegian

    Master heater

    Over here the temperature is slowly sinking down to "not ride degrees", it's about 42 degrees Fahrenheit today and i think i did the last ride for the season yesterday @ 53 deg.F. It was a sunny day and i rode for about two hours mainly on the backroads, not fast but a lot of thight curves. So...
  3. the Norwegian

    Cam Chain Tensioner Guide and Cam Chain Guide's

    Hello everybody. Recently i started collecting parts for the "service"/light overhaul i planned for next winter. So i was wondering if any of you has any experience with the Cam Chain Tensioner Guide and Cam Chain Guide's from the different vendors regarding quality/lifetime. Her is some i...
  4. the Norwegian

    Help, hwat is this hole?

    Can someone tell me what those holes are for? The lower one seems bottomless and it looks like my bike is leaking oil from that hole, i'm in a hurry because the three months ridingseason has started.
  5. the Norwegian

    Mikuni VM34 jettingquestion, again....

    This winter, waiting for next summer i have decided to take a closer look at the carbs on my xs. The reason for this is that it runs pretty rich on idle and low rpm's and feels a little lean on higher rpm's. When i dismanteled them i got confused regarding the needle and jets. They are nothing...
  6. the Norwegian

    Tuningmanual for Mikuni VM34 Carburetor kit?

    My '78 SE is fitted with carbs which seems to be a Mikuni VM34 Carburetor kit from Mikes with XSpods. This kit comes with a "tuningmanual". Do any of you have a copy of this manual? I bought the bike with the carbs already fitted and have converted the petcocks from vacum to regular according...
  7. the Norwegian

    Joe Minton brace?

    Looking for the dimensions on the swingarmbrace and wallthickness on the pipe used on this brace. If anyone has the dimensions on the frontendbrace and pipe that is great too.
  8. the Norwegian

    Clutch/throttle cable, to long.

    Recently i changed my handlebar from Special type to a "daytona/eurobar" type, and are quite happy with it. The drivingposition are much more suitable for my 6 feet 2 inches. However the clutch and throttle cables are now to long, looks ugly even after creativ routing. Where can i buy...
  9. the Norwegian

    Refubish spoked wheels

    Just picked up a set of wirewheels for my 650 and i'm looking for a "HowTo" for reasembling theese wheels. Planning to use polished stainless spokes. And they have Borrani rims.:)
  10. the Norwegian

    Anyone who knows anything about this bike

    Came across this photo when surfing the web. There where just he pic, no info. Which swingarm is this, and what about the wheels? Looks great, but what are their orgin?
  11. the Norwegian

    First post.

    Brand new member from Norway here. This looks like an exellent place to "hang out". Have been riding bikes for twentysomething years now, and i will get my first XS650 one of the first days in 2012. Previous i have owned several bikes like Suzuki GT380 and GSX1100 and a Yamaha V-Max. My...