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  1. Scripto VU

    Stuff my dog says; on second thought I'll just build a race car

    Nash, we have all been where you are - inhale positivity exhale self-doubt you've got this !
  2. Scripto VU

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    1985 - 1986 ish model Square Four two stroke 500cc 96hp -120hp very interesting RG500 engine animation.
  3. Scripto VU

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Salute to all the men and women who have and continue to serve our county. I hope you all have a terrific Memorial day . "Much Respect" Absolutely astonishing motorcycle and oh...........that 2 stroke engine still takes my breath away ! Legendary
  4. Scripto VU

    Interesting Posts Today

    don't know how I missed this.........i still think my Benelli minibike is "Tits"
  5. Scripto VU

    Formula 1 Fans?

    George Russell, is every bit as good as advertised. I am sure when he is not racing he is channeling old Brit singles...yea that's it.
  6. Scripto VU

    81 XS650 hard tail build thread this bike recently won an award at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California ART
  7. Scripto VU

    81 XS650 hard tail build thread

    Now that bike has "Street Credit" ------Chill is an understatement !
  8. Scripto VU

    Introducing Yamaha’s entire 2022 cruiser lineup!

    careful what you say about Vespas ;) , you may offend mine. Afterall it is the "ultimate cool machine" that has stood the test of time.
  9. Scripto VU

    Mailman’s new bike!

    Oh, is this what we are doing now ? OK, works for me.:bike: Congratulations for sure, your timing and judgement is really sound. "Well Played"
  10. Scripto VU

    Formula 1 Fans?

    Mercedes might be headed in the right direction this weekend. Russell is proving how good he really is so far.
  11. Scripto VU

    What's the Worst Job You Ever Had?

    How about collecting urine samples from race horses after every race in 1968 at our local parimutuel betting track. (long mop handle with deep sauce pan duct taped on..........had to follow horses around track until they had to go.) All in attendance loved the show always -worth a laugh. We...
  12. Scripto VU

    Any single malt fans here?

    Not a single malt.................however I classify it as a "Single Mutt" A BSA 441 chopper I built in high school. I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis. It only took one martini to make me drunk. The trouble is I couldn't remember if it was the 4th or 5th martini. My...
  13. Scripto VU

    Can you help a brother out ?

    Good morning !! Thank you for channeling your good thoughts my way. My Father of the Bride Speech was a success ( I was told ) Time for me to shift my mind into into "chill" for a few weeks. Finally I can get back to my motorcycle fetish. These things do have magical powers and are inhabited...
  14. Scripto VU

    Can you help a brother out ?

    Good morning, I am not certain I want to post this but here we are................. all good friends etc, Right ?? This weekend I an going to endure a painful procedure ( for me at least) The procedure requires me to fortify my spine and make sure both testicles on their game.. I have to...
  15. Scripto VU

    Whats your weather right now?

    Perfect weather for Boston Marathon 50ish today . I ran and finished the Boston Marathon in 1996 (100th)....will never forget how cold it was. ( no calories left to keep warm the last few miles) Miserable but happy to finish.
  16. Scripto VU

    I'm a finalist! Maybe I could get a few of you to give me a vote?

    Wow ! How did you make out with your contest, Wordman ? Your quote paints a true picture many of us can relate to....... it's funny but things we have loved and all our great memories never really go away. ( includes girls and motorcycles) Oh yea Good morning !
  17. Scripto VU

    Formula 1 Fans?

    I am in for the season. I think it would be hard to go against Red Bull for the first race. It will be interesting to see how Mercedes manages all their challenges. Love to see Ferrari win a few just to watch their fans. Go Mercedes !
  18. Scripto VU

    quick read: Happy St Patrick's Day's_Old_Ale_House embedded links interesting I realize that there are many older pubs in Europe but still not bad.
  19. Scripto VU

    Winter project: upgrading time! (R6 forks and more...)

    I am a little late to the party on these stand pics, this is my original engine which I replaced. I live near a Pratt and Whitney engine factory. This really heavy duty stand came off one of the shop floors when they started downsizing. I think I paid $75 .
  20. Scripto VU

    Alternative hobby.

    Hobby-something you are curious about and have a desire to learn more about it . ( 15 words) gardening, photography and motorcycles. ( pic from my garden)