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    Rotor Testing

    Installed new rotor about a week ago from Rick's. Bike still running and charging good. Checked my new rotor again, Ohms between the two rings is 6.4. seems to me that it was less than that when I first installed it. Maybe 5.7 or so. Is this a sign that it's on it's way out?? What could cause...
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    New Rotor

    just installed new Rotor from Ricks. 2nd one. first one failed after 20 miles. Installed an LED volt meter on handlebar so now at 3000 RPM it charges 14.3-14.4 volts. Is this a bit high? will it over charge my battery?
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    Carb Sync

    1984 XS650 model SK. Just saw a video on building a DIY Mononmeter. What is best way to adjust the screw in the middle. Is it required to remove the tank? Any special tool needed. It's tucked away pretty good, Thanks
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    Rear Axel Nut TORQUE

    Found some info on that and it says 108.5 ft. lbs. Seems excessive to me. Is that dry or lubed threads. My bike is a 1984 SK with the 16 in. rear wheel.
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    Speedo error

    My speedometer works but is inaccurate. When checking against wife's car it reads about 52 MPH when she is going 60 MPH. That's pretty bad. Or if you prefer KMPH It read 85 KMH when she is travelling 100 KMPH My buddy's speedometer is also out nearly the same Is this a common issue on these...
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    Charging issues

    My rotor was defective so replace with one from Rick's. Has about 7 ohms between the two copper rings and charged real well. About 14 volts going to battery. Worked good for about 25 miles then rotor crapped out again. So now trying to get the original one rewound by a local guy. I'm...
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    Charging troubles AGAIN

    Got a new rotor from E-bay. Installed and was charging good. drove bike about 25 miles and the darn thing is not charging again. Check ohms between the two copper rings and not getting the 5 to 6 ohms I was getting before I installed it. Is it possible these aftermarket ones are not that...
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    Sustained RPM

    My bike is gear low. 17 tooth front and 36 Rear. That's stock for my 1984 SK Canadian model. So it revs quite high. What RPM do you guys like to cruise at. Is 5000 a bit high? Seems like it is to me. Pretty sure I'll have to get a 33 or 34 rear sprocket. Thanks everyone for the replies.
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    Speedo Error

    Finally got my 1984 XS650 (Canadian model) charging correctly. New Rotor. Went for a short ride. I'm fairly sure my speedo is not reading right. Bike has stock front and rear sprockets. 17 front, 36 rear. At 4000 RPM about how fast should the speedo read?? I'm getting about 80 KMH (50...
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    What Model do I have??

    My bike is a 1984 Model SK. Canadian model. I've seem reference to a 256, 306,447, or a 533. Is that the engine model?? Which one do I have?? Thanks.
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    Engine oil temperature

    How hot are these engines supposed to run if everything is good condition and tuned correctly at about 75 to 80 degrees outdoor temperature. Thinking about installing some sort of temp indicator. I'm looking for ideas. thanks
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    Alberta Area XS650

    I'm in St. Albert, Ab. Anyone close with these beauties.
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    New air filters

    Got two new air filters. Is the foam element supposed to be oiled? No oil on them now when I got them. Thanks
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    Charging ROTOR Torque

    Charging system not working so ordered a new Rotor. Not sure what torque to use when installing new one. Nut size is 17mm and bolt size is 12 mm, looking at on-line manuals I get some that say 33 ft. lbs and some that say 40 ft. lbs. Please let me know what to torque that nut. I have...
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    1984 XS650 Instruments

    Please enlighten me. Is there some sort of light to warn of low oil pressure on my 1984 XS650 model SK? Or any thing to warn if battery is not charging? Will buy an aftermarket Volt meter since these bikes don't have a voltmeter gauge. What do you suggest for oil pressure warning device? Thanks.
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    No charge

    My 1984 XS650 Model SK (Canadian model) now runs. Had No spark issues but that's fixed. Rode it about 24 Kms. and realized I was running on battery alone. Tried the test with a metal ruler and when I turn on ignition yes indeed the ruler sticks to the case. Taking a day off today tomorrow...
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    My 1984 XS650 SK Canadian model has mismatched mirrors. Did that year have round or rectangular mirrors. Also on my other bike (Harley) the mirrors have (objects are closer than they appear feature) that I really like since I get a bigger picture of what's behind. Any Yamaha mirrors available...
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    984 XS650 Kickstand Switch

    Bought this bike (1984 model SK Canadian model) as a non-runner. Found that the kickstand switch is missing. How would this prevent me from having spark at the plugs. What color are the wires coming from switch? Where do they plug in? If it has been bypassed where would I look. Sorry but...
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    1984 XS650 Special NO SPARK

    just got the bike home. 1984 XS650 Special. took plugs out and have no spark when grounded to heads. Some ignitions need plugs in the hole so there is compression. Should I have spark when grounded but no plugs in the holes??? If there should be spark and i don't have any where would you guys...
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    Diy ardtail kit

    I ordered a DIY Ardtail kit. What's the opinion of this group on this type of kit. Thanks a lot for your comments.