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  1. Orion61

    Advice om rpl decals and a new tac chrome rear housing for 1981

    I can't find face decals for 81 650 Special, will rd400 decals work? they "LOOK" the same but wondering size and fit. I also need new Tac chrome rear cap, dented. 9000 miles on 1981- 650. Have an 81 that is pretty nice with only Any members that can help is much appreciated. Orion
  2. Orion61

    81 Barn find!!! low mile XS650

    I was lucky enough to find a very low mile nearly all original 1981 XS650! when I pulled the cover off I couldn't believe the over all condition, an added front chrome foot peg set. It comes with a REAL leather set of Saddle bags. Nothing has been taken off so it is a survivor. the bad is...
  3. Orion61

    Need tank Emblem size? 1981

    I have found a few replacement emblems for an 81 Special, some have tape back and are smaller, others have a screw hole in the A letter and between the H and A letters.I'd like to get the stock measurements in MM or CM for a correct fit. Mine are missing. One other question, Some of the emblems...
  4. Orion61

    New 81 Frost Silver XS650

    My Brother-In-Law bought an old 650 a number of years ago and brought it home, stuck it in his storage shed. And YEP you got it, he didn't drain the tank or carbs, didn't fog the cyls etc, left the battery in it to corrode to kingdom come. He found out I was looking for a project bike...
  5. Orion61

    Need Info installing 76/79 carbs on my stock 1975. Fuel & vacuum line ??'s

    I have been sitting on my survivor for quite some time but some YAHOO got into the warehouse and opened my petcocks letting what little fuel there was (reserve) into the carbs. Again this was in long term storage that was supposedly secure. 2 years ago after it was sitting in dry dock I filled...
  6. Orion61

    Testing my coils

    Is there an easy way to test my Coils while on the bike? I left the key on while troubleshooting a flasher issue. I felt one coil get pretty warm, I am not having good fire on that side now. thanks all. Cousin Larry
  7. Orion61

    Right Cylinder popping and fowling plug, WTH

    I had my bike running pretty well but now the thing is dead/Popping on the Right Cylinder. Pulling the plug finds it fouled with gas. The thing I did was try to trace down a wiring problem for my flashers. I did have the key on for about 10-15 minutes and remember the coil getting pretty warm...
  8. Orion61

    Float level/Carb adjustment question

    I have looked around for an answer to my Float level question, but haven't quite gotten my answer. I know the float level should be about 27mm (+ or - ,1mm), from the inner ledge without the gasket. But it doesn't say if that level is just sitting on the springy tip of the needle valve or with...
  9. Orion61

    Making Progress on my B

    A few months ago this bike that I have owned since the early 90's was covered in dust, a tank and carbs with a quart of gelled and tarnished fuel. With your help I have gotten her running again and now even tho she has a long way to go, on my shoestring budget, I am getting to a bit more...
  10. Orion61

    Moving YUK...Right next to my Bike YEA!!

    I have been renting from an A-ho*e for 3 years, The guy didn't fix ANYTHING! Gutters drenched basement, rotten wooden outside doors, leaking Faucets, cracked windows, Bad front steps.. Dead Trees on the lot...etc Took him to Court and WON, the trouble with that is he used the old house is for...
  11. Orion61

    Very COOL DIY Zinc Plating video

    I stumbled onto this while looking for different solutions for a slurry to polish Aluminum and this little video popped up into the RH side the Magical way You-Tube does. Everybody has had rusted pieces Bolts etc, this happens to be the rear Tire/Chain adjuster all nasty and covered with rust...
  12. Orion61

    Inexpensive Replacement 1970-1974 XS650 Decals

    Interesting, I found a place that makes reproduction Decals at a pretty low price, $69.95 unfortunately they only make them for the 75B. I emailed them and asked them why they didn't make them for other years and this was their reply: Yes, so far we have only made the replacement decals for...
  13. Orion61

    Best Bike Paint? Help me decide a color!!!!

    Hi All, it is going to be a long winter and I have my XS650B up and running again, I will be replacing the fork seals so it will be a good time to pull the front Painted bits and headlight bucket to paint with the Tank and side covers.. I am wondering what kind of paint is best? I can't do...
  14. Orion61

    Replacing cam chain Tensioner gasket XS650B

    Hi all, I have gone through the search and havent really gotten all my answers. I have had great support from you with all my needs so far in getting my 75B going after sitting for nearly 13 years. What do I need to do to change the gasket for the cam chain tensioner? Can I do it in the frame? I...
  15. Orion61

    Additives in Fuel to help keep carbs clean?

    I have recently boiled out my carbs with Pinesol then Gummout spray cleaner followed by compressed air. I have the bike running again, and after thinking how bad they were is amazing in itself from sitting in storage with about 1/2 Gal of gas in it that was forgotten about (DOH!) I still have...
  16. Orion61

    Flasher blues..

    Hi guys, sorry for taking advantage of your expertise, but when I finally get my old 75 back on the road again next Summer you will all have a partial ownership in her! lol.. I cannot tell you what it means to have a bunch of friends like you that can jump right in and pitch relief for each...
  17. Orion61

    Sloppy Handlebars

    I have a 1975 XS650b that I recently got running after sitting since 2003 or so, the carbs were a big pain but I got them cleaned out with a Pinesol Boil out and cleaning with Gumout carb cleaner ($2.99 at Walmart) and my little portable compressor. My next thing I need to do to make her road...
  18. Orion61

    One step Forward.....THEN

    I posted a thread about Boiling out my carbs with Pine Sol a few days ago, I thought I had it beat, the bike ran for the few minutes I had to test it before the guys in the building it is in, needed to lock up. Today I went to fine tune things and put the throttle cables. and air boxes back on...
  19. Orion61

    Pine Sol my Carbs..

    Well I bit the bullet and pulled the carbs on my 75'B. I had it in storage for a few years dry but lost my storage room in Mid Winter 3 years ago, I don't own a Pickup and it is only 12 blocks, so I put some gas in her fired it up inside, warmed it up and rode her home. They were ticked off I...
  20. Orion61

    Working on the 75' XSb

    Well after getting hurt very badly at work and a decade of fighting health issues because of it, I got a couple hours of feeling good time... And tore into my 1975 XS650b, if you have read my previous posts you know just how much I love that old girl. just a few of the issues I was fighting, for...