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  1. Raymond

    Green number plates

    Today I saw a parked car with a green segment at one end of the number plate - best picture I could find in a hurry: So naturally, I thought, Hello what's that about then? I immediately suspected that it might be an electric car? And the purpose of the green segment - to increase the natural...
  2. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Have I made a terrible mistake? Part-exchanged the Honda NX250 for this: (ignore the dates on the pictures, obviously) I don't even know what it is yet. Apart from it's a pre-unit, old-school, single cylinder 500 made in Madras. Which we must remember to call Chennai now. Bullet 500...
  3. Raymond

    Kawasaki W800

    This thread is really just an excuse to make occasional posts about my 2014 Kawaski W800 SE, Polly to friends. This time, it's tyres. Bike came with Dunlop TT100s, which were fine but wore out too fast for my liking. Since then have fitted a succession of Avon RoadRiders and IMO these have been...
  4. Raymond

    Castles, bridges and other aspects of the Scottish Borders

    Hope this is the right place? When I joined this forum, given a very friendly welcome, Bob (Mailman) was previously unaware of the Scottish Borders. I promised once I was out and about on the XS I would put up some photos of this little corner of the planet. So I propose to come here every now...
  5. Raymond

    Miss November XS2 tribute

    Have just bought an XS650, the purchase being quite a long story in itself. But before I can ride, there are a few issues that need to be sorted. Which kind of leads to, uhm, changes. So I have found this forum to be a very useful fund of information. And having visited a few times, thought...